Outsourcing Service

MenaITech's latest service includes the full outsourcing of your human capital management software where MenaITech rents services on its HRMS, or on selective modules, on a monthly basis. All the above mentioned products (excluding MenaExplorer) will be outsourced fully to a MenaITech HR Functional Consultant who will conduct professional services for the client which include:

   1. Gap analysis
   2. Data migration
   3. Integration
   4. Installation
   5. Customization
   6. User training
   7. Full HR & payroll processes

MenaOSS® General Scope of Work

• Installation will take place either on the client's server or on MenaITech's as a    hosting service, as per client's preference
• Client's key users will have access to reports within the system and will be    trained on how to use such reports for payroll, HR and/or statistical purposes
• MenaITech HR Functional Consultant will visit client's premises on average of    twice a week to insert transactions
• All client's employees will have access to MenaME's self services system where    MenaME will read from MenaPay & MenaHR database
• Client purchases SMS outsourcing services from MenaITech where MenaITech    will handle the purchase of bulk messages from its business partner.    MenaITech's partner will provide the SMS gateway regardless of    telecommunications company. In this case, the client should specify the    required amount of bulk messages. Client also needs to specify the frequency    of their balance updates (daily/weekly/monthly) which will be sent to them via    email

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