Increase HR payroll efficiency

  • Improve efficiency in employee and managerial productivity.

    With all core HR functions ‘and extends to training and development and beyond.

  • Share feedback and keep your team heading in the right direction.

    perform evaluations surveys, which can be customized and tailored for an employee’s peers,
    team, supervisors, customers, and those to whom they directly report.

  • Processing Payroll quickly and with close to perfect accuracy.

    most-trusted payroll solution in the MENA, used by some of the largest multi-national
    corporations, public institutions and organizations in the region.

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What others say matters most?

We work closely with clients to help them achieve their HR and business goals. At the same time, we know that what works for one client may not for another, that is why all our services are inclusive to fulfill organisation’s needs. Here is what they have to say:

MenaiTech has significantly helped organize our HR functions
MS. Cleopetra Abu Thalm
The after sales support is another comfort zone
Mr. Zuhri Abu-Awwad
With MenaiTech HR Solutions, you are guaranteed a unique approach
Dr. Emad Habib