MenaITech is the MENA Region’s largest and most advanced Human Capital Information Systems (HCIS) provider. For over 15 years, MenaITech has led the way in developing HCIS and HR management solutions to corporate and public-sector clients across a diverse range of industries and to organizations of all sizes. MenaITech’s comprehensive suite of solutions and services are designed to help organizations best utilize their human capital with smart technology that empowers employees and managers to ultimately drive growth and efficiency.

MenaITech specializes in HCIS that cover every aspect of HR including payroll, recruitment, training and development, succession planning and much more.

MenaITech is also a pioneer in HR data and analytics to help organizations make smarter decisions about their human capital. MenaITech continues to reinforce its position in the market by driving a mobile application and cloud-computing solutions in the HR field, sitting in the front seat of the HR digitization movement in the region.


Innovate world-class human capital solutions in the MENA Region specifically designed to meet the needs of each country.


Deliver smart and technologically advanced HR solutions that unleash the potential of our clients’ human capital.


ProfessionalismAlways deliver at the highest levels of service and ensure client satisfaction every step of the way.

InnovationCreative solutions to old problems is at the heart of our mission, we believe technology needs to continually improve to better serve our clients.

LearningWe invest in our people, so they are continuously learning new approaches and technology applications.

CommitmentUphold our commitment to help our clients succeed, for our employees to grow and achieve their ambitions and our community to be a better place to live.

CredibilityThe MenaITech brand and our reputation is built on our credibility; we deliver on our promises and our technology is designed to more than meet clients’ expectations.

TransparencyWe believe in the importance of being transparent and communicating our activities to all stakeholders.

Our team


Experienced HR and Technology Professionals.


Mr. Habib Ghawi



Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh

Founder & CEO