5 HR Tasks That Should Be AutomatedMenaItech

Not so long ago, HR employees had to manually calculate payroll and manage employee time cards. It was a frustrating and time-consuming process. Luckily, thanks to HR automation tools, employees can spend less time on the tactical details of their jobs, allowing them to concentrate on other important strategic elements.

One benefit of conducting business in the age of technology is the ability to leverage innovative solutions to automate processes. Automating certain aspects of your HR department allows HR managers to focus on other HR tasks, such as assisting employees with career management, managing benefits, and managing employees.

At MenaITech, we specialize in the development of Human Capital Information Systems to empower organizations with the tools necessary to streamline their processes. If you aren’t doing so already, here are a few of the HR processes you should be automating.



When you automate payroll processes, you save the time and manpower associated with manual payroll processing. Automated payroll allows you to automatically calculate your payroll far more efficiently than by hand (i.e. entering taxes, deductions, overtime, commissions, etc.). In fact, performing payroll manually is far more time consuming, often taking days versus hours.

Additionally, you can automate your payroll records. Holding these records digitally rather than physical files saves a great deal of time and headaches when you need to refer back to these documents down the road. Not to mention, automated payroll processing reduces the likelihood of human error.


Recruitment & Onboarding

HR departments spend hours and hours collecting the necessary data required for recruiting and onboarding new hires. During this process, they must also maintain extensive amounts of paperwork (i.e. resumes, job descriptions, tax forms, etc.). Not only is this process extremely time consuming, but it also leaves room for human error. One misplaced paper or file can really throw a wrench into the entire recruitment/onboarding process.

Automating your onboarding and recruitment process, including offboarding, helps to improve these process by reducing human error and preventing paperwork loss. Additionally, automation increases the visibility of the new hires across organizational departments. This allows you to leverage the maximum potential of every employee.


Records Management

Automating your records management reduces the timely process of having to dig through years (or decades) of paperwork to find specific documents.

Records automation allows instant access to any information as it’s needed. Automation promotes efficiency, transparency and accountability. Not to mention, it saves a great deal of office space!


Employee Evaluation

According to a study conducted by Forbes in 2015, only 55% of employees feel as though their performance evaluation is accurate. One of the most common complaints cited by employees was that employers struggle to track their performance throughout the entire year, focusing on only the most recent quarter.

Creating an automated, streamlined process for evaluating employees provides a clearly defined process both employees and managers can refer to. Automated processes help employees understand their job responsibilities clearly. These predetermined benchmarks work to improve employee performance.

Automation also helps managers track employee accomplishments and areas for improvement. Additionally, automation maintains consistent evaluation standards across all departments, managers, and employees.



Effectively performing management duties fosters a positive relationship between managers and the employees they manage. Automated HR management tools can help with the various aspects of scheduling, to include interviews, team training, regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings, and creating/sharing employee schedules.

Rather than manually scheduling appointments, automation allows interactions between candidates, employees, and managers to be established ahead of time. Appointment reminders via email and mobile messages ensure schedules and appointments are shared and maintained.

The HR department is often one of the busiest departments in a company. They have to resolve dozens of benefits-related questions every day, onboard new employees, coordinate paperwork, and so much more. Automating your fundamental HR processes will increase productivity and profitability, allowing your HR managers to focus on what’s really important.


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