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Wednesday 28 Sep 2016

The Benefits of Using Cloud HR in Egypt for Your Business and Employees

If your HR department is facing a hard time to get things done, utilizing systems to manage day-to-day tasks such as benefits administration and payroll processing can compound these challenges. However, did you know that taking your HR processes into the cloud could help streamline many processes, and offer a variety of benefits in today’s workplace?

It is no secret that businesses that have not leveraged cloud technology miss a wealth of opportunities, and here is why you should join the cause:

  • Efficient Integration

By implementing cloud HR in Egypt, you can easily integrate systems and share key organizational data in real time. The benefits of cloud-based HR solutions become more apparent when integrated into existing systems such as Archiving Systems, Human Resource Management Systems and Payroll Management Systems as they bring a wide range of capabilities and features right under one-roof.

  • Less Paper Clutter

With easier access to employee information and company documents, you can save a considerable amount of time and money. After all, when all of your information is securely stored on the cloud at the tip of your fingers, you can avoid the time it takes to hunt down paperwork and pay hefty non-compliance fees.

  • Enhanced Productivity

With cloud HR in Egypt, HR managers can conveniently handle employee tasks on the go as the platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime from a supported device.  As a result, the HR department becomes more efficient, and employees happier because they can access information and complete tasks without having to ask an HR professional for assistance. This leads to an overall increase in productivity.

  • Improved User Accessibility

Cloud-based HR platforms provide control of user accessibility.  All you have to do is create the appropriate user settings, and only authorized people will be able to access sensitive company and employee data, reducing the risk of fraud or data manipulation.

  • Cost Advantages

Lastly, opting for cloud HR in Egypt will bring you cost advantages upfront, with others becoming more realized once your business starts using the platform. Some of these cost advantages include:

    • No hidden fees
    • No expensive maintenance and upgrades
    • No installation costs.

Tips to Get Your Employees to Use Cloud HR in Egypt

With Cloud HR in Egypt, you can streamline the HR function itself and give managers the tools they need to perform HR related tasks efficiently, taking your company to a new level! However, you really cannot reap the benefits of these solutions unless your staff is ready to use them, right? If your employees have legitimate concerns regarding the use of Cloud HR in Egypt, considering the following 3 tips should help:

  • Make Them More Comfortable

Like anything else, once people see a benefit in change, they will be ready to support and adopt it. So, what you need to do is counter any arguments they have. For instance, let them know that sending HR-related messages instantly through the cloud HR system is much better than the traditional approach of emailing or calling.

Much in the same way, if they are concerned about holiday requests, make them aware that the system would not only process these requests quickly, but would also show whether or not they have been approved by the manager. You should also explain all that the Cloud HR in Egypthas to offer, including its advanced features so they know moving to the new system is worth the time and effort.

  • Explain That The HR Solution Is For Them Too

One of the best things about cloud-based HR software is it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime by those who have authorization. Your employees too can access the system from anywhere, as long as they have a device and internet connection, to work from home, manage holiday requests and take advantage of the other features on offer. Make sure they know that the HR solution is not only for your convenience, but also to make their lives easier!

  • Reassure Them About The Privacy And Security Of Their Data

This is a huge concern for staff because this data can include just about everything from their salary to home address and other employee-related data. Due to this reason, it’s of utmost important to make sure your employees understand the software offers strict security, which only allows the managers and employees to access personal details. You should also let them know about the security measures the cloud HR provider takes to ensure their data are safe.


So, what are you waiting for? Do not be left behind, and embrace the benefits you can gain for your company’s HR needs!