How to Choose a Payroll System in UAEMenaItech

The core function of any good HR system is payroll but it revolves around more than just making sure employees are paid on time. An efficient payroll system provides big picture information that allows business owners to run their business efficiently and compliantly. An effective Payroll System in UAE enables employers to manage productivity levels, conduct audits, track staff costs and trends.

In addition, it should offer a wide range of reporting functions, capable of exporting general ledger information promoting while interacting with the electronic banking system. With the rise of technological advancements, there are a number of systems you can choose from. This will make it easier for you to select a system that is right for your business. Most employers make the hasty decision of selecting a system based on their budget. This is not wise as price alone can be misleading. A basic system might fit your price range but will it offer you the flexibility to accommodate business growth in the long run?

Flexibility may cost you initially but it will keep you from having to shop around for a new system two to three years from now. Make sure your system will be around for at least half that long. This will allow you to add extra functionality as time passes, as and when you need it:

What Features Should You Look For?

While you can purchase a standalone system, other more advanced systems would allow you to incorporate HR systems along with a range of other time capture tools. Here are some key functions you need to pay attention to when purchasing a Payroll System in UAE:


Business owners should invest in a system that can get them through the payroll cycle step by step, preferably with an intuitive user interface. The ideal Payroll System in UAE should load quickly, display summary screens for easy overviews and allow users to print out custom reports at the push of a button.


When installing any new system, security should be a top concern. Opt for a module that allows multiple accesses with definable user rights.

Comprehensive Reporting

It is advisable you select a system which allows you to report on cost centers, allowances, departments, deductions, and general ledger costs. The HR is a key interface between the management and the staff workers, thus good reporting is essential as it will not only allow you to customize reports but also snapshot data for easy visibility.

Regardless of hype or trend, companies should make sure they reach out for vendors who have a solid track record. This will not provide your business a better return on investment but will benefit your business in the long run.