How can your Business benefit from Cloud Payroll in UAE?MenaItech

Cloud Payroll solution is one of the most advanced technologies that any business can benefit from today. As the application is web based, employers can have access to important information from any computer. In addition, all maintenance and upgrades are initiated only by the provider himself, thus users do not have to host any software locally, eliminating internal IT support requirements and IT footprints. In addition the use of cloud payrolls provides inbuilt scalability as the subscription model creates predictable cost modeling.

Here’s how using Cloud Payroll in UAE can benefit your business:

Cloud payrolls provide employers with a greater degree of control over payroll and HR data. Modern cloud based payrolls allow in-house teams better access to information any time they want. This enables managers to keep a constant track on information such as absence data, payroll costs and holiday entitlements as the month goes by, helping them to implement immediate remedial action as necessary. In addition, cloud payrolls enable employees to update a pre-defined area of the HR database themselves, this allows employees to check and update their annual leave entries online anywhere on the go.

Reduces Costs

Using Cloud Payroll in UAE reduces costs for any company. It minimizes the amount of time and effort required by the HR team to process payrolls and manage their workload, which in turn helps you cut costs on administrative expenses and staff expenditure. In addition, managing, maintaining and updating an ordinary payroll system can be costly in the long run; using a cloud based solution is cost-effective and does not require any long term maintenance.

Eases Administrative Burden

A modern cloud based payroll system also cuts the amount of time and paperwork dedicated to processing payrolls considerably, allowing your HR staff to utilize a great proportion of their time in other, more productive activities, reducing administrative burden will not only help your company reduce costs in the long run, but it will also boost productivity.


Cloud computing means that you no longer have to waste your resources in updating or maintaining your existing system, you will easily have access to the latest upgrades without having to download any software yourself. Leading providers will automatically upgrade your system; your company will no longer have to waste money on expensive software purchases or costly upgrades. In addition, most modern cloud based systems are accessible through mobile phones so you can even manage your payrolls on the go.

The recent advancements in technology means that you now have more flexibility in choosing efficient solutions to boost your business’ operational efficiency. Opting for Cloud Payroll in UAE can improve security; increase accessibility and can help your company save important resources in the long run.