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Tuesday 27 Aug 2019

How to Attract and Employ the Most Talented Candidates

Given today’s candidate-centric job market, companies face steeper challenges when it comes to attracting the best employees for their organisation. Attracting the right candidates for your organisation is essential to growth and development. In order to succeed, a company needs to attract, hire, and retain exceptional employees.  

Here are a few creative concepts designed to place your company on the path to finding and retaining incredible people to help your company thrive.


Recruitment – Internal Referrals & Social Media

Hiring the right employee starts with recruiting the best candidates, and recruitment often starts with leveraging the power of your talent referral network. The best organisations rely heavily on their current employees to serve as ambassadors to refer quality talent from within their networks. If you don’t already have one, consider starting an internal referral bonus program to entice your current employees to take an active role in attracting talent to your company.

One of the greatest recruitment tools at your disposal is social media. Surveys indicate approximately 84% of organisations are currently using social media for recruitment. By maintaining a presence on social media, candidates will become more trusting of your brand. 

Likewise, job seekers spend a great deal of time seeking employment through social media channels with upwards of 73% of millennial candidates finding their most recent position through a social media platform. 

Given the reach and impact of social media in our daily lives, if you want to remain relevant as an employer, your company needs to manage and maintain their employer brand. 


Internal Promotions

It’s important for managers to keep a strong pulse on up-and-coming internal talent. It’s also important for your existing employees to know their hard work will be recognised and rewarded if they are the right fit for an upcoming position.

As positions within the company become available, be sure your existing employees are aware of opportunities that may be a good fit. On the flip side, forcing a fit where one doesn’t exist isn’t productive for your company or the employee. Even when you have an ideal match in-house, it’s important to open the position to outside candidates. Ultimately, the goal is to find the most talented candidate for every position. 


Create an Environment Employees are Proud to Belong to 

If you want to become an employer of choice, you need to respect your candidates and employees. Treating people well starts during the interview process. Take a good look at your current interview process. Have you developed a robust process where all of your candidates feel respected and informed at every phase of their application process?

Whenever possible, be sure to follow up with your applicants. Every candidate you turn down is at the very least a potential customer. Furthermore, job seekers dislike when they apply for a job and never hear a word back from the company. This doesn’t mean you have to pick up the phone and call every applicant, but an email thanking them for their application and time will go a long way.

Always maintain open communication with current and potential employees. This extends to maintaining fair policies that are consistently applied, and benefits that reflect the quality of employee you wish to attract.


Prevent Turnover with a Meaningful Company Culture

Regardless of your industry, all companies have one thing in common: they are looking to hire the best talent money can buy. However, money isn’t the only thing that attracts a candidate to your company. Potential employees often look beyond benefits and salary for other unique miscellaneous incentives in their employment opportunities. 

The most successful organisations empower their employees with the tools and support they need to achieve their individual goals. If an employee is contemplating making a career change, encourage them to communicate openly with HR, their direct manager, or other organisational leaders. If they express a desire to leave the company, take the time to meet with them to understand the root of the problem. Ask what you could be doing better and if there’s anything that would sway their decision to leave. 


When it comes to building your employer’s reputation, there are no shortcuts. Ultimately, when you care about the happiness and success of your employees, your reputation will attract the best possible talent for your company.