Myths About HR Application in Egypt Debunked!MenaItech

Not all organizations are enthusiastic to try out new technology or gadgets, especially when it comes to business software. While the benefits of using HR application in Egypt in the hiring process are numerous, some employers have a certain level of skepticism and prefer to hold on to manual recruitment systems due to their familiarity.

Meanwhile, technology is continually advancing at a rapid rate, and businesses not keeping up miss their ideal candidates. Much of this has to do with so many misconceptions, myths and theories circulating about HR application software. For this reason, we decided to bust four of the most common myths in order to show you the actual truth:

Myth #1: HR Application Software Isn’t Essential for Effective Recruitment

Did you know that 99% of senior executives in the finance sector believe that recruiting the right people will be a huge challenge this year? While it is possible to recruit talent without the use of HR application software, manual systems involve piles of unscreened applications and longer, time-consuming hiring processes.  With the use of HR application in Egypt, however, employers can identify and recruit the people their business needs effectively and quickly.

Myth #2: Only Firms Above a Certain Size Can Benefit From HR Application Software

Cloud-based HR solutions are suitable for small to medium sized businesses. Since service providers offer their systems to a large number of users, businesses can benefit from HR software at a lower cost. In addition, since your IT department does not need to handle support and administrative tasks, you do not need to be worried about capital outlay. Moreover, finding competent staff in this tight market is difficult, and using HR application software can help small to medium sized businesses to secure the best talent.

Myth #3: HR Application Software Threatens Jobs

According to a World Economic Forum report, around 5 million jobs will be lost by 2020 due to technology.  HR application software, on the other hand, does not threaten jobs. The biggest advantage of these solutions is automation as they conduct dull tasks, and give you more time to focus on creativity in your workplace. With the help of HR application in Egypt, you can automate the time-consuming tasks in the hiring process, and quickly hire the best possible candidates.

So, do not let these misconceptions and myths get in the way, and make use of HR application software for your hiring success!