An HR Cloud in Dubai Is The Best Way To Keep Your Data SecureMenaItech

Keeping an HR cloud secure is easier said than done. How do you keep something safe when you can’t even see it? It’s not like a tangible item, such as a physical server, that you can touch or lock in your office and for this reason it’s harder to secure the cloud. However, the cloud is as real as any other server and just because you can’t see or touch anything physical, it doesn’t mean the security of your HR cloud in Dubai should be on faith.

When you take all your human resource operations to the cloud, your service provider should be able to guarantee its security and should be well equipped to answer all your questions and concerns.

How’s the Service?

When choosing your HR Cloud in Dubai, make sure the cloud provider is using reliable servers and has a sound backup system. The backup system is extremely important because if any of the servers give out, the secondary backup server takes over. A strong wind during a storm can knock down a power line and the server can go down for maintenance. The redundant system is important to ensure no data gets lost and the system remains up and running on the backup server.

Organizations, no matter how big or small, back up their data at different intervals. The backup system is usually automatic and it periodically backs up all your data. Some systems are advanced enough to update your backup data as you make the changes, instead of backing up periodically. Depending on how much data you can afford to lose, you have the choice whether you want periodic backup or continuous backup.

Is Everything In Writing?

Another thing you need to look for in your HR Cloud in Dubai is a service level agreement that clearly outlines the number of promises. Apart from performance and the backup process, the provider’s terms and conditions should also tell you who the designated person is that will address problems in relation to lost or unsecured data.

Any weaknesses in your HR cloud will make you vulnerable against cyber criminals. When you are transferring information back and forth from your service provider, you are essentially being exposed to weaknesses in security. It’s important the provider makes sure all information being sent and received is encrypted with the use of the SSL encryption, just like it is used by banks and credit card companies.

Is There An Ownership Clause?

Just because you are purchasing an HR application for your business doesn’t mean you lose ownership of all the data that is being exchanged between you and your service provider. Only you understand the value of the work that you have generated and for that reason you have to ensure you maintain ownership of your data.

There are some companies that silently specify in their policies that they can use your data for their purposes as well. Make sure you clarify such policies in case the company does use or disclose your company’s data for marketing or advertising purposes.

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