How HR Cloud in Egypt Can Help Reduce Your HR BurdenMenaItech

Keeping up with the HR needs of a growing business and workforce can have a considerable impact on your efficiency. After all, staying compliant, managing paperwork and approving requests for information are distractions that can derail you from your strategic focus. This, ultimately, has a negative effect on your bottom-line. However, with a cloud-based HR system in place, you can easily manage your growing HR needs, allowing you to focus solely on your business.

What are the Benefits of Using the Cloud Model?


One of the biggest benefits of using HR cloud in Egypt is it eliminates the need to invest in costly IT infrastructure. Payments to the service provider are made on a monthly basis, making it a far more cost-effective option for growing and small companies. Not to mention, with the cloud offering mobile capabilities, complicated processes are made much simpler.

Empowered Staff

By implementing cloud-based HR solutions within the workplace, your employees become more empowered. They are able to access resources and applications through their laptop or smartphone almost instantly. In addition, the self-serving aspects of cloud-based HR solutions allow employees to view and adjust their personal detail on their own; thereby decreasing the time it takes to keep data up-to-date.

Greater Agility

Moving HR to the cloud gives your business greater agility as you get to utilize the latest technology and tools at affordable prices, without major changes to your infrastructure. For instance, by using SaaS, businesses can reduce their costs as they only have to pay for what they use.

Increased Productivity

Through cloud-based HR solutions, you can improve the way information is reported, reduce absence costs as well as simplify workflow. This, in turn, enables your HR department to focus more on the growth and development of your company.

What Can You Do in the Cloud?

Using HR cloud in Egypt allows businesses to perform their day-to-day operations in a far more collaborative and effective manner. The following are some key HR functions you can perform in the cloud:

  • From pension and salary schemes, to injuries, accidents and right to work, all of these records are stored electronically in the cloud, and can easily be accessed within seconds, while complying with current data protection laws.
  • With an HR cloud in Egypt, there is no need for your business to manage heaps of paperwork. So, bid farewell to complicated Excel spreadsheets and wall-planners, as all your sensitive HR data is captured electronically.
  • The self-service aspects of cloud-based HR solutions allow employees to request training, update personal information, request leaves and more.

As you can see, moving HR to the cloud can reduce the restrictions and headaches of traditional methods. However, in order to ensure you receive the expected benefits of these systems, it’s important to invest in a solution that adequately meets the needs of your business.