The Transition from Manual Processes To HR Cloud in Saudi ArabiaMenaItech

If you are neck deep in paperwork and spending most of your time going through piles and piles of paper without getting anywhere, your business is in dire need of HR cloud in Saudi Arabia. It’s about time you move away from manual processes and make your life more convenient. Spreadsheets and papers are obsolete for business purposes. You have looked at other successful businesses, spoken to many professionals and maybe even seen a demo or two. So, get down to business and start realizing the value an HR cloud will bring to your business.

Now that you are convinced why it’s absolutely essential to invest in an HR cloud in Saudi Arabia, let’s go to the next step: implementation. First of all, you have to gather all your data so you can start entering it in your new system. It is definitely the most time-consuming part of the entire implementation process but once it’s done all your process will continue smoothly. In fact, with MenaITech’s HR cloud solution, the transition is smooth and doesn’t require much time and effort from you.

Start off by organizing all your data, even if it’s in spreadsheets. You have to make sure all data is up to date and nothing is missing. Here are a few tips to make your implementation go smoother:

Do It in Stages

It’s impossible to compile all your data and enter it in the system overnight, or even in a fortnight. This is why you have to prioritize which data is important and which isn’t. Usually, your core employee data is the most important, but even so you have to focus on things that you will need right away. Consider the following questions:

  • Do I need the personal details of all my employees? Is it important to have emergency contact numbers right away?
  • Do I need to have prior training records?
  • Do I need the histories of all my employees?
  • Do I need all the payroll data right away?
  • Do I need to setup employee schedules?

Once you figure out what is and isn’t important for the operations of your company, it will become much easier to prioritize.

Let Your Employees Upload Their Own Data

Since you can’t do everything yourself, distribute tasks among employees. First, they should upload the data they are responsible for. For instance, if one person is responsible for expenses, they should upload data relevant to expenses. Then ask the employees to verify their personal data and records so you know that everything has been updated correctly. This will give you time to fix any errors or allow your employees to fix it themselves.

Delegating tasks and getting each employee to validate their own data will cut down the implementation time significantly. This strategy can be extremely helpful especially if you have a large staff.

Get Your Vendor to Help You Out

The company you purchase your HR cloud in Saudi Arabia from may have a set of tools that helps with the implementation process. So, to fast track implementation of the HR cloud, make sure you use these tools efficiently. As mentioned, if you select the HR cloud solution offered by MenaITech, you can eliminate much of the hassle associated with implementation and start using the tool without delay.