HR Portal In Dubai Tips for Improved Employee EngagementMenaItech

Establishing a business in Dubai isn’t easy due to the increasing competition in the region. So, what can you do to give your business a competitive edge? Well, a business can only expand if its “internal” problems are solved first. This is where investing in an HR portal might prove a good option, as it helps improve employee engagement.

Do you plan on integrating an HR portal to benefit your business and people? If so, follow these tips to ensure a smooth functioning HR portal that processes payrolls accurately, drives efficiency, guarantees policy adherence, and provides improved employee engagement.

Communicate Company Goals to Employees

One of the best features of an HR portal in Dubai is it enables the human resources department to send tailored messages to employees. Utilize this feature and share plans, corporate goals, and strategic missions with employees to help your business grow. The appraisal process is a great time to use the HR portal to share plans for improved performance. This ensures performance management is an ongoing process, while your business also benefits from improved HR and employee engagement.

Show You Value Employee Opinions

Use the HR portal to conduct regular surveys. This way, you can obtain feedback from the employees as well as ask them questions about their current level of job satisfaction, hence making them feel valued and a part of the team. An HR portal in Dubai enables employees to provide feedback on proposed changes. This ensures the HR department understands what employees want, hence establishing improved employee engagement.

Remind Them Of Their Worth

HR portals can be used more than just a tool to show employees their salaries and the policies. This useful technology can also be optimized in a way that shows employees their true worth. For instance, you can use the HR portal to give staff access to their reward and remuneration statements. This enables them to see their contracted package, hence helping with retention.

Encourage Career Progression

The last thing any employee wants is being limited to the same job for a long time. Encourage career progression by highlighting career development opportunities via your HR portal. This way, you can streamline the process to get employees motivated to secure a larger and more authoritative role in the organization. They are likely to work harder, now that they know you encourage career progression.

Create a Fallback Resource

Last, but not the least, the human resource department should act as a “helping” source to employees. Therefore, for any employees experiencing difficulty in using the portal,set up a “help desk”. Based on the kinds of questions employees have, the help-desk staff can make recommendations or suggest ways to mitigate the problem.

So, if you want to improve employee engagement via HR portal in Dubai, follow the above mentioned tips.