HR Portal in Egypt: The Unseen Costs of Poor Employee OnboardingMenaItech

Businesses invest a lot of time and resources to attract and hire the best talent. However, they often do not look beyond initial recruiting costs and only reflect on what it takes to retain new employees during the onboarding period. While there are significant external costs involved in the recruitment of new employees, the internal costs of training and onboarding also must be considered.

After all, poor onboarding processes will not only lead to a higher dropout rate, but also increase the overall cost of hiring. This would also extend the ramp up time for new employees – the longer they take to ramp up and develop consistency, the higher the costs! By improving your onboarding processes, however, your business can reduce hiring costs and boost employee productivity.

Here are some common challenges businesses’ encounter with onboarding:

Managing Expertise

When new employees face issues in the workplace, they look for the right person to help them out. Having a list of names and job titles, in this regard, is not of much use. However, by including a company directory in your HR portal in Egypt that shows the experience and expertise of each team member will make it easier for new employees to access the right people, and get the assistance they need.

Providing Essential Tools

From training materials and IT resources to support and internal contacts, you must provide your employees the tools they need to be successful. Therefore, besides making sure they have a computer and email account, create a dedicated place on your HR portal in Egypt that offers employees everything required to learn more about your business and how they can go about their jobs.

Knowledge Management

Whether your business is a startup or well-established, you accumulate a lot of content and institutional knowledge, but it is not documented for easy access. Your new employees may not know where to look for certain information and documents. With your HR Portal in Egypt, they have a means to easily find the information they need, as it is easily accessible in a centralized location.

Updating Workflows and Policies

Each business has a different way of functioning, but most of these policies don’t make it into an updated documentation. Let’s face it – it isn’t possible to remember all this information, even for current employees. By highlighting your workflows and policies in your HR portal, new employees can quickly get to speed with your expectations.