Why Your Business Needs An HR Portal in Saudi ArabiaMenaItech

Many businesses in Saudi Arabia, small and large, overlook the importance of improving their HR functions and it’s the least of their priorities. Usually, there is a small group of people, sometimes only a single person, who is responsible for all human resource related activities. Such companies fail to realize the importance of HR management and how complex it really can be.

HR actually is the foundation of your company’s workforce. Talent acquisition, training, ensuring legal compliance, administering payroll and other matters related to the organization’s culture come under the responsibilities of HR.

So, if your company has a poorly structured HR department, or it is non-existent, you can take advantage of an HR portal. Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect from an HR Portal in Saudi Arabia:

Safe and Secure

An HR portal can provide you secure access to your account because it is a cloud based hosted service. It will also allow you to manage HR tasks in real time that is remotely accessible from anywhere and on any device as long as you are connected to theinternet.

Set Up Separate Modules

For more detailed management of your departments, you can set up separate modules. The main benefit of an HR portal is you can set up multiple users with different levels of authority. It can help with delegating different tasks to different departments which will allow you to break down various HR tasks instead of getting a single person to do everything. Also, the automation of the HR department will minimize human error, which will give you one less thing to worry about.

Bring All Functions Together

With the help of an HR portal in Saudi Arabia, you can perform all tasks on a single application, which will make HR management easier. Everything is searchable at the touch of a button and you can safely manage all HR related issues, from recruitment till the end of employment.

The HR application is also equipped with forms and letters that can be filled out on the application. These forms are legally compliant for all matters of HR, including recruitment, performance, disciplinary, grievance, and more. Having everything in electronic form can considerably decrease your ecological footprint.

Provide Autonomy to Your Employees

Most HR functions can be self-serviced on an HR portal. Employees can simply log in to their account where they time in and time out. With the same account, they can drop in complaints and make requests. They will also be able to check their attendance record, breakdown of their salary and also get information on company policies.

The bottom-line is that all HR functions can be automated with the help of an HR portal. You can considerably cut down time and money, and use those resources for better purposes.