Top 5 Features to Seek in HR Portal in UAEMenaItech

A number of organizations are now turning to internal social platforms to allow employees to connect and work seamlessly on a single project. After all, social media has revolutionized the way people communicate and work with each other. While searching for an HR Portal in UAE, consider installing one with an integrated social portal that will help your staff feel more engaged and connected with each other. Here are a few features you can seek in an HR portal:

  1. Policies and Procedures

Quite often, HR professionals have briefed employees about the policies and procedures of the company. Save important company time by ensuring all the company’s policies and procedures have been uploaded onto the HR portal in UAE. This will allow the staff to easily have access to all kinds of employee-related information, significantly reducing the amount of questions HR professionals would have to answer on a day-to-day basis.

Include important polices about disciplinary procedures, diversity and the steps employees would have to follow if they want to highlight a grievance. If you wish to limit access to some of the documents, check the security settings in the system.

Internal Vacancies

Before you spend a small fortune on advertising for vacancies, check whether your employees have the right skills for the job first. Prior to recruitment advertising, post the vacancies in the HR portal for employees who might want a career change or possess skills that you are unaware about. Additionally, persuade employees to share information about vacancies with their social circle.

Company Directory

Consider adding a company directory in the HR portal with the employees’ bios, job title and photograph. This is especially beneficial for large organizations where employees do not quite know who’s who. Additionally, adding a company directory is a great way to help employees collaborate with each other on different projects. New employees on board can use the directory to identify important people they need to interact with in case they have questions of any sort.


Apart from sharing work-related documents and announcements, use the HR portal to keep employees motivated and engaged. You can start by posting announcements about upcoming local events, company outings and celebrations. Encourage employees to use the portal to connect with each other by creating a group according to their interests.


The HR portal is the perfect place to answer questions and eliminate confusion. Consider compiling a list of general questions that often come up after every few days or develop an interactive feature that allows staff members to post their own questions. However, while opting for the latter, ensure the questions are answered immediately or the platform can risk losing credibility.

These are just a few handy features you can add to your HR portal in UAE. Remember to make customizations based on your company’s requirements to keep employees happy and satisfied.