How Organizations Are Benefiting From HR Saas in DubaiMenaItech

Over the past few years, more companies are opting for Software as a Service and cloud based HR solutions instead of on-premises systems. In the case of SaaS model, the company purchases the system and installs it, while the vendor hosts the software and licenses it on a subscription basis. Organizations can access the functions of the solution through a web browser. Additionally, they only require a decent internet connection and a mobile device to access useful company information.

If your organization still hosts an on-premise system, you should definitely consider jumping on the bandwagon. Here’s how HR SaaS in Dubai can prove useful for your HR department:

Enhanced HR Services

Improved mode of access is one feature that benefits practically any organization. With the self-service feature, employees no longer feel the need to bother HR professionals or email them to extract or retrieve important information. All the required information is easily available on the web portal. What’s best is that HR professionals can limit the access to certain files while permitting access to others. With HR SaaS in Dubai, employees and HR professionals need not be physically present in the office.

All your staff requires is an internet connection and they can tap into the HRMS system whenever they want. The self-service feature allows employees to conduct a significant number of routine HR tasks without needing the help of HR professionals. This leads to increased productivity and cost cutting benefits. This feature is particularly useful for large organizations with hundreds of employees.

Cost Cutting Benefits

Besides saving up on hardware, one important difference between cloud based and on premises solution is the pricing model. HR SaaS applications are usually subscription based as opposed to having a licensed fee attached. Without the license fee, the cost is initially low. Additionally, the vendor will take care of all the server requirements and sometimes even cover the costs of employing experts to maintain the system. This significantly reduces costs as compared to a traditional system.

Faster Updating

With business technology rapidly changing day by day, it is imperative you opt for a system that can keep up with these changes. Contrary to traditional systems, with HR SaaS in place, you need not worry about downloading and installing updates, as the vendor will complete all these tasks for you.

Additionally, the service level agreement will ensure the system runs smoothly after the update. Should a problem arise, the vendor will take responsibility for it and fix it immediately. While searching for a potential vendor, ensure they are adept in the following:

  • Online customer support
  • Security
  • Multi-tenancy and hosting
  • Integration with element
  • Performance and scalability

If you are looking for HR SaaS in Dubai, consider opting for a reputable name, such as MenaITech to reap the most benefits for your organization.