Buying HR Software in Egypt? 4 Things You Need to Look ForMenaItech

If you are a CFO, HR executive or IT manager, trying to evaluate new HR solutions for your company can prove rather difficult. After all, most software vendors claim their software/tool has all the HR related features a business could need for effective HR management. So, what should you look for when buying HR software in Egypt? As you engage with different software vendors and evaluate what their solutions offer, you should keep the following four features in mind:

  1. HR Portals

With HR portals, you have a central location where all key HR policies and documents of your business can be stored and easily accessed by employees and managers. However, they are a lot more than just a place to store information. When used to their full potential, HR portals are an effective communication tool that allows companies to get quick feedback from employees, encourage internal networking as well as build engagement.

Besides that, these portals also facilitate collaboration to enable employees to share knowledge, exchange ideas and stimulate innovation throughout the business.

  1. SaaS

Over the past decade, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has completely revolutionized the HR technology market. Today, businesses no longer need to invest in buying (and maintaining) costly hardware, nor do they need to worry about continually updating their HR software. Wondering why? This is simply because the latest HR solutions are now hosted in the cloud, which not only takes IT-related headaches away, but also gives you and your employees the ability to safely log in from anywhere, anytime!

  1. Self-Service

When buying HR software in Egypt, another important thing you need to consider is its ability to offer self-service functionality. The HR management has to spend hours answering questions regarding what the correct procedure is for reporting sick, how much time employees can take off, etc., and this unquestionably prevents them from concentrating on the more important aspects of their job.

With a self-service function built in your HR software, employees can easily manage absences and time, as well as update their personal data or requests, allowing HR managers to see what’s happening and manage them more efficiently.

  1. Mobile Technology

It’s no secret that mobile technology is growing at a great pace. Hence, whichever HR software you go for, make sure it can also be accessed through mobile devices. Besides, times are changing rapidly, and people have now become more dependent on their phones and tablets than ever to get things done easily. If this trend of growth continues, who knows; one day, employees will be able to manage their transactions using their mobiles, streamlining the process a great deal!

Your HR software in Egypt should also be capable of evolving and growing with your business! This is also an essential factor when it comes to choosing HR software.