HR Solution in Qatar for CompaniesMenaItech

HR Solution in Qatar is easy to use and it enables the HR managers and business owners to automate HR processes. Adding employees to the system, changing their work schedules, uploading documents and many other tedious tasks can be done at the click of a button. On boarding of new employees and maintaining the records of all other staff members can be made more convenient with an HR Solution in Qatar.

Add New Employees

Adding a new employee to your workforce is a time-consuming process. Arranging their schedule, collecting their paperwork and setting up their system can all be done swiftly with the help of an HR solution. It will literally take you minutes to get a new employee on board, which will save you lots of time and money.

Allowing Employees to Enter Their Own Information

HR Solutions are intuitive and all you need to do is setup standard operating procedures and hand them over to new employees. They can follow the instructions and enter their info in the system. It will create a high level of transparency and the employees will get immense autonomy from being able to set their own schedule, request time off, edit their availability, and more. This will expedite all processes with regards to employee management.

No More Paperwork

HR Solution in Qatar enables you to digitally store all documents, staff and corporate alike, such as resumes, cover letters, assessments, tax documentation, payroll documentation, insurance related forms, copies of certifications, and whatever other paperwork you deal with. You can also setup the system to prompt you when documents have to be updated, renewed or resubmitted.

Avoid Costly Legal Consequences

Failing to keep records on file or not being able to access them could result in legal consequences. These repercussions can be avoided with the help of an HR solution because the system ensures each new employee provides their correct documents before they are scheduled to work.

Manage Employee Leaves

Managing the staff’s schedule is probably the most complex and tedious task for an HR manager. However, with the help of an HR solution, employees will be able to manage their own schedules. Since their attendance is recorded on the system, the HR manager can generate payroll at the click of a button. You can set up perimeters for each employee, such as their working hours to determine attendance related deductions and their overall performance for appraisal purposes.

View Time Cards

An HR solution allows employees to view their time cards so they can ensure there are no discrepancies. A complete attendance page is available which allows employees to view their work hours and their pay for the month. This way, the employees are responsible for bringing any discrepancies to the HR manager, which will make it even easier to calculate payroll.