Implementing HR in KSA to Increase Managerial ProductivityMenaItech

You have done your due diligence, selected the right HR solutions to meet your needs, evaluated more HR solution in Saudi Arabia than you thought possible, negotiated at your end, reviewed meticulously, and signed a contract. Here comes the time for reaping the fruits of your efforts- implementing your anticipated piece of technology. However, if you have implemented any technology in your enterprise before, you must know it can go both ways; a bed of roses or a bed of nails. So how can you ensure that introducing your HR solution in Saudi Arabia is more “smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy” and less hidden catastrophe?

  • Appoint an Able Leader and a Project Team

Ideally, your project management team should incorporate a viable leader capable of making tough decisions, an executive sponsor, and subject matter experts from various departments who would need to use the HR solution, such as HR and Payroll department employees and managers. In addition to determining who would be a part of your project team, you also need to decide how they will carry on with their other tasks during the implementation process. If your team members have any reservations about juggling the implementation duties with their other responsibilities, you can consider appointing a back-up for each member.

  • Prepare Your Company for Change

People are inherently averse to change, but if you efficiently convey the reasons for change and the benefits they can garner from it, you can mitigate any trepidation about making the transition. How you manage changes dictates the success of your implementation and enhances the value of your HR solution in Saudi Arabia. Preparing your company for change may include:

      • Determining what challenges you will face and leveraging your information for devising solutions to overcome those challenges.
      • Keeping change management at the heart of your implementation process.
      • Identifying employees within the organization who you perceive as potential champions for change.
      • Remembering that while stakeholders should have a voice in the process, it should be balanced.
      • Generating consensus within your enterprise about why the change is needed.
      • Through clear communication, managing expectations about the probable impact of change on end users.
      • Establishing a collaboration plan for effective communication.
  • Select a Partner You Can Trust

While it is easy to get caught up analyzing the functionality and features of the HR solution, it is also indispensable that you conduct rigorous research on the implementation process offered by the vendor. If the vendor fails to disclose the details of the offered process, or if you are uncomfortable with their methodology, consider this a red flag and run away. Remember that implementation goes wrong means a loss of valuable resources, money, and precious time. Any credible solution provider should have no qualms in ensuring transparency on their implementation methodology. A reliable implementation may include:

      • A viable Discovery process to identify comprehensive business requirements and convert them to product functionality.
      • The initial project plan that highlights change management, control processes, timeline, milestones, scope, and objectives.
      • Detailed project plans that identify time estimates, specific resource requirements, and responsibilities and tasks.
      • A phased approach with a clearly-stated deliverable.
      • A clear process for the timely resolution, communication, and identification of any problems
      • Rigorous testing of the implemented solution before launch.
      • Identification of training requirements.


How an HR Solution Can Be Leveraged to Increase Managerial Productivity

Your HR managers – and the HR department as a whole – can be made more productive by implementing an HR solution in Saudi Arabia. With such a powerful platform at your disposal, which features a range of useful tools and capabilities, you can improve managerial efficiency and streamline HR processes to have a positive impact on your bottom line. Here is how an HR solution can be leveraged:

  • Critical Insights from Analytics & Reporting

A good HR solution in Saudi Arabia will offer customized analytics and reporting, which enables HR managers to take proactive action and address important issues in a timely manner.  Moreover, it also helps with forecasting, planning and budgeting to result in well-informed decision-making that will benefit your business.

  • Integrating HR Processes & Activities

With an HR solution, you can integrate all HR processes and activities, allowing your HR managers to manage key tasks from a centralized location. From payroll and benefits management to storing and updating employee data, various processes can be consolidated across your business, resulting in stronger teams that collaborate to achieve corporate goals.

  • Self-Service Portal Facility

Your HR solution in Saudi Arabia also comes with a self-service portal that gives your employees quick access to HR-related tasks and information. As a result, they can update their own data, training needs and respond to communication alerts almost instantly, increasing employee morale. For your HR managers, this means more time to focus on key management activities.

  • Centralized Dashboard across the Business

This would give your HR managers a broad view of your business as well as quick access to updated reports and data, which means they are able to make better decisions rather than spending most of their time gathering data. HR managers will also be able to seamlessly customize their reports and alerts, while staying updated with employee-related aspects like payroll, training and development, recruitment, etc.