Does Your HR Solution in UAE Offer Protection?MenaItech

Just in case you are oblivious to a major scuffle currently happening in the payroll/HR industry that has forced one group to file a suit of defamation against the other group, this should come as a surprise to you. While these two companies continue to contest it out in the courtroom and the press, one of the most extremely important problems at the core of the fall out, concerning employee data privacy and security, waves a red flag. Without getting in to the nuts and bolts of the case at hand, a question rears its head regarding the way the defendant garnered admittance to the plaintiff’s systems, which he claimed to create excessive server utilization and was less secure.

When one thinks about the wealth of highly sensitive and confidential information that an HR solution in UAE may contain, such as dependent data, bank account information, background screening check results, and social security numbers; protecting that information from a probable cyber attack or breach, becomes all the more important for your solution provider and your company. We are familiar with the significant personal and financial costs involved in case of data loss or theft, and it is nothing short of cringe worthy.

As a client, it is highly indispensable for you to comprehend the methods and tools of your HR solution in UAE vendor, in order to protect your employee and company data, and also be confident in their words. There are two tiers of security features that you should be drilled in to inquire your vendor about. The first tier incorporates those features that protect your data from external threats, and the second safeguards unauthorized access to sensitive information from intruders. Here’s what you should be asking your vendor about HR solution in UAE, when it comes to the Integrity and security of your data:

Where will the company data be housed?

If you use a cloud based HR solution, ask whether or not the vendor complies with the security standards of an internationally recognized framework, such as the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16, which is responsible for testing and auditing standards and requirements for IT infrastructure security.

What methods do you employ to guarantee safe transmission of data?

Be sure to ask if they are using the most state-of-the-art encryption methods and tools.

Does your HR solution sustain the latest versions of web browsers?

Certain cloud based HR solutions in UAE, only run on specific versions of web browsers, sometimes even obsolete versions. However, since certain security updates are only available on the most up to date versions of web browsers, you may be putting your systems and data at risk by being compelled to run unprotected, outdated software.

Does your HR solution offer role-based, dynamic security?

Such a feature allows you to restrict the different levels of information your employees have access to, which guarantees compliance with laws, while protecting benefits and personal information.

Are you passing any of our information to third-party systems?

If your vendor passes your information to third party systems, make sure that you know what data is being passed, what policies are implemented to make sure that it is protected by third party partners, and how it is being passed.