Getting the Best Value Out Of HR System In EgyptMenaItech

When it comes to selecting a new HR system in Egypt, companies and organizations often wonder what the primary influencer is in the decision, and are often surprised when they are told that they should first consider asking their executive management team what opinion they hold of their HR department, and what future or current expectations are anticipated of this particular function.

This executive view generally paints the picture, and while a plethora of factors affect the selection of an HR system in Egypt, including existing vendor relationships, budget availability, industry challenges, people focus areas, and key business drivers; one overriding factor, which is rarely applied satisfactorily, is the influence of organizational maturity. The maturity level of an organization is impacted by how your executive team drives and defines the concept of value through the business.  Organizational maturity is the lead indicator of what your HR functions would succeed at, and as a result the possible outcome that an organization is likely to glean from an investment in HR Software.

Your View Of People

HR system in Egypt can be construed as a mirror; it serves to reflect the reality of views that management has of people. HR departments are usually blamed for terrible software or poor service. In this regard, HR incompetency may be a probable factor, but the real issue lies with the misalignment of what the company needs to do to enhance its maturity level, and what the HR function does in this regard.

Some companies see people predominantly as a cost, but on the other hand, other organizations view people as a means of generating broad societal and financial returns. While there is no one rule to fit all, whatever is revealed by your organizational maturity level is a true reflection of the expectations that executives have of their employees. It also covers any values that they would assign to proposed tools and HR initiatives.

Aligning To Maturity Levels

When an organization fails to achieve a high level of organizational maturity, this translates in to the fact that their senior management does not regard the HR department and processes as strategically influential, and nor do they perceive any significant benefits and optimization in incorporating solutions such as analytics, career and succession, and performance management. As such, HR managers use a stick approach to operate process compliance with line managers. However, few managers actually use these HR tools to derive any business value, since their executive teams rarely see the need to employ these tools to realize their goals. However, at higher maturity levels, executives harbor different expectations of people and comprehend the importance of these tools to enhance business value.

Aligning your maturity levels with your HR Software selection and purchases, would allow you the greatest opportunities in succeeding in building credibility at the executive level. On enhancing your maturity level, the need for sophisticated and strategic HR systems would become visible, and as a result, the support from executives would be attained. To garner the most out of your HR systems, contact MenaITech today for consultation and best services in Egypt.