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Wednesday 02 Mar 2016

4 Key Features to Look for in an HR System in Saudi Arabia

When HR systems were first introduced a few years back, most businesses were reluctant to shift to electronic HR systems from paper-based HR systems, because they were viewed as too expensive and technically cumbersome. Although that may have been true to some extent in the early days, today all that has changed!

HR Systems in Saudi Arabia are now more affordable, empowering and user-friendly. Not to mention, they make HR more effective and efficient through the automation of arduous processes and availability of strategic management data available at the simple push of a button. However, since not all HR systems are created equally, you need to make sure you choose the best option available for your business’ HR needs.

To help you out, here are 4 key features to look for in an HR system:

1.Powerful Reporting

Your HR System in Saudi Arabia should take all the manual effort out of reporting and have a library of reports based on turnover, attendance, performance and other key business data. It must also have the ability to create graphical representations, so reports can easily be reviewed by you and your team members. If your HR system doesn’t feature easy-to-use, empowering and powerful reporting, you should consider looking elsewhere.

2.Accessible on the Go

This is a non-negotiable feature of an HR system. Your system should be responsive and accessible as other business tools, such as expense approvals systems. This means you need to look for cloud-based or web-based HR systems, so that you can easily access the system on the go and make crucial business decisions (regardless of where you are!) based on the transactions and information processed by the system.


User-friendliness is another feature you must-have in your HR system. That’s simply because if your HR system isn’t easy-to-use, you won’t be able to get a return on the investment you made. After all, you would have no idea how the system is used! So, make sure you don’t settle for complicated or awkward systems. There are plenty of intuitive, user-friendly HR systems available on the market. All you need to do is find the right one.


Your HR system should allow employees to safely and securely log-in, update and maintain their data present on the system. Not only this, they also need to be able to submit holiday requests, absences and self-appraisal data directly to the system. These time-consuming processes are simplified thanks to automation in modern HR software.

Look for the aforementioned features in your HR System in Saudi Arabia, and rest assured you will be able to pick the best one that suits your needs!