HR Technologies in Dubai That Can Enhance Your Business PerformanceMenaItech

In the technology driven era, companies are revamping their HR technologies and software more than ever before. HR Technology in Dubai becomes obsolete once new ones rear their head on the market, forcing companies to keep a look out for the most cutting edge HR management systems out there. Implementing cloud based software systems let companies revise their HR management systems more easily and smoothly.

These days, the state-of-the-art HR Technology in Dubai is increasingly streamlining the workplace processes and leaving HR personnel at much liberty to concentrate on more imperative matters at hand. By saving valuable time and simplifying processes, here are 5 such technologies that can help businesses of all sizes and boost profits:

  1. Online Training Modules

This HR Technology in Dubai has made it trouble-free for the HR team to assess results, track completions, and assign training courses. The most contemporary modules harness the prowess of “learning management” technology that helps your HR team allocate training modules based on various job titles, streamline the achievement tracking, and analyze the results! Such learning management software grants deep insight to HR personnel so that they can track the progress and development of an employee throughout their time with the company.

  1. Match-on-Card Technology

For companies that look for impervious security and safety, implementing match-on-card technology can help them more than you think. This technology guarantees employee identity verification by integrating the most infallible and oldest means of identification- employee fingerprints! The technology works by embedding the employee fingerprints within the confines of their ID badges so that it can’t be stolen, copied, or counterfeited.

  1. Software for Attendance Tracking

Punch cards are a relish of the past with the advent of 21st century technology! Automated software now exists to help HR personnel track employee attendance. This software accomplishes loads more than simply tabs of the time at which an employee “times in” or “times out”, but also monitors the movements of company employees within the field with the help of GPS tracking. In addition, some software even let employees time in remotely. Managing employee scheduling has never been easier!

  1. Benefits Enrollment and Electronic On boarding

It is nevertheless a tedious task to take on a new hire! It takes monotonous hours for the new employee to complete all the paperwork and fill out long forms to join the team. However, with the use of electronic on boarding, any new employee is at liberty to work on the exhaustive, burdensome forms at home, which save valuable HR time. The system can even detect incorrectly filled forms or uncompleted forms, and even import the form data to other company systems. Companies save plenty of time by integrating tax systems, payrolls, and benefits.

  1. Online Performance Management

Keeping track of company wise performance isn’t a piece of cake, but is rendered manageable thanks to the online performance management system. These systems allow the HR personnel to isolate issues by employee or department, glean a clearer picture of performance across the entire enterprise, schedule meetings, assign tasks to managers and employees, and deliver feedback.

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