How Can HR Technology in Kuwait Improve Performance Appraisals?MenaItech

While performance appraisals are intended to have a strong motivational impact on employees and align their performance with company goals, let’s face it – they have gained a bad reputation in the recent past. Why? Well, this is mainly because of the fact that performance appraisals are just not working.

According to a 2013 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, only half of HR professionals believe that annual performance appraisals provide an accurate overview of employee performance. Further, 49% of HR professionals think that their performance appraisal system should be re-evaluated.

However, did you know that with HR technology in Kuwait you could actually improve the performance appraisal process? Yes, you heard just right! Here are 5 ways businesses can make a huge difference in the performance appraisal process using HR technology:

  • Enhance Organization

If your business does not have a system for the organization of your HR processes, performance appraisals can end up becoming messy. By implementing HR technology in Kuwait, HR managers will be able to conveniently monitor the challenges, accomplishments and goals of their employees in a single place. Moreover, with the weekly reports, they can gauge employee performance in real-time.

  • Build Communication

Transparent communication between the employee and employer is essential to improve performance appraisals. By using HR technology, businesses can easily communicate key goals with employees – and make their expectations more clear – by sending out email reminders on a daily or weekly basis about goals and appraisals.

  • Focus on Collaboration

With the help of HR technology in Kuwait, employees and managers can collaborate during the performance appraisal process. Majority of HR professionals believe that gaining feedback not only from the employee’s manager, but as well as others in a business paints a more accurate picture of employee performance.  Since your HR solution will manage real-time performance, schedule meetings, and provide continuous training, you can improve workplace collaboration.

  • Convert Negative Feedback into Constructive Criticism

More often than not, employees do not take negative feedback well from the managers and this in turn has an impact on their productivity. The adoption of HR technology in Kuwait will let businesses turn their negative feedback into something more constructive, thus allowing employers to train their employees when needed, and give them the feedback they require to succeed.

  • Ensure Timely Feedback

Real-time feedback is extremely important. After all, it ensures your employees receive the feedback when they need it, so that they can make the required changes accordingly. HR technology will ensure performance appraisals are completed on time, allowing your employees to reach their true potential as they receive timely feedbacks.

These are just a number of ways the implementation of HR technology can improve performance appraisals within your business. Keep the aforementioned advice in mind, and rest assured you would be able to enhance the quality of your performance appraisals!