Myths about HR Technology in Riyadh BustedMenaItech

As with any burgeoning new technology tool that claims to change our lives for the better, there is a lot of excitement and reservation surrounding HR technology in Riyadh simultaneously. And then there are myths! It seems almost natural to steer clear of unknown things that we don’t fully comprehend, especially if those things involve hefty instruction manuals and seemingly complicated technology.

The easy thing to do seems like passing on the latest tools and trends and stick to what is established and tested. After all, what has always worked for the employees before, can work even now. The time has come to dispel these myths surrounding HR technology in Riyadh:

Myth #1: It Is More Trouble Than It Is Worth

Apparently, you have been functioning just fine and doing things the same way as did your predecessors, since you know your HR processes inside out. Adding new technology to the amalgamation can only serve to complicate things. First, you need to familiarize and get up to speed with the new technology.

Second, you need to properly train and drill your employees in to the program. What was touted as a simple piece of technology, devised to streamline your work processes, is now turning out to be a nightmare for all your employees and depleting precious resources and time. Even after you think your employees have got to grips with the new programs, things can go wrong. If there’s an update or a bug, you would end up seeking answers alone or spending hours with tech support on the phone.

The Reality

It is worth the trouble! HR technology in Riyadh is actually designed to make your life easier, not complicate it further. While optimizing a new technology tool or learning to navigate it can seem like a time consuming process, it is actually easier that it seems. Advancement of technology is a two-way road. While new tools and technologies keep cropping up incessantly, it is now easier than ever to get started with a new technology. It’s exactly the time when you made the switch from desktop to PC or from a flip phone to smartphone. The sudden change may have seemed intimidating at first, but even the technology paid off and you were thankful for the decision. The same goes for implementing HR technology in your business. Initially, it may require some time investment to set up and learn, but eventually it pays off manifolds. Cloud stored data has made it much easier to get started with HR technology. Many tools are easy to operate and navigate and feel almost natural.

Myth #2: Vendor Relationships Are Troublesome

Working with a vendor doesn’t leave you the master of everything. If there is any problem, you are dependent on their response. If you need assistance, you have to set up a phone call or send an email. Vendor partnerships are highly exasperating and nerve wrecking. You are not the only client of your vendor, and as such, you are not their first priority. If there is any problem, how long it would be before you are delivered help? Weeks, days, or hours? Won’t these delays affect your bottom line? Vendors just add to the layer of relationships more complications. HR technology is the most viable solution for all your hiring needs but you find people behind it hard to work with. Or maybe, you are fine with the vendors, but you find their technology generic. You feel like they don’t care about your needs and won’t tailor their solutions to meet your needs.

The Reality

HR professionals enjoy working with their technology vendors. In fact, at MenaITech, an ideal vendor relation is strived for. HR technology companies always have your best at heart and their job is to create HR solutions which are loved by HR professionals and help them along the way. Investing time in finding the right vendor saves a lot of frustration and heartache in the long run. Contact MenaITech today to discover the best in HR Technology in Riyadh.