How to Manage Change with HR Technology in Saudi ArabiaMenaItech

Now that all businesses have moved to the digital world, it’s likely that you will experience multiple HR technology implementations throughout your career that is if you belong to the HR profession. Technology becomes obsolete by the end of the year, which means after a few updates, you will be looking for new HR technology in Saudi Arabia.

Now every time your organization implements new technology, the organizational change may not always be met with a positive attitude. An organization can never be successful if its cultural environment isn’t fluid, because change is an ongoing process.

So, if you are in charge of implementation for HR technology in Saudi Arabia, you have taken on an exciting challenge. Humans are naturally resistant to change, but also have the ability to adapt. For this reason, it’s important that you carefully prepare each step of the implementation process to make it an amazing experience for everyone who is affected by the change.

It’s about the People

Implementation of any technology requires you to be in charge of ‘change management’. Change management requires you to manage the employees who will be affected by the implementation process. It’s a huge change and it’s your responsibility to ensure all change is met with the least amount of resistance.

The Cycle of Grief

Whenever an organization goes through change, the employees experience the stages of grief, much like Elisabeth Kubler-Ross outlines for the process of death. In a way, change is the death of the way things were done before and the feeling of being lost and uncertain.

So, what does the cycle of grief look like? First employees remain in denial. They refuse to accept the new system and feel it will affect their job role in the most negative way possible. Then they may become angry (some more than others) which could be for many reasons, such as lack of say in the process or not being involved in the decision.

After that comes the stage of bargaining where the employees feel that no matter what change occurs in the organization, they will continue with the old ways. The worst stage of the cycle is depression which happens when the employee finds that bargaining isn’t going to work and they start to feel helpless.

If the next stage is handled well, the employee will enter the testing stage, where they get a taste of the new technology and they might start seeing its benefits. The last step is acceptance when the employees accept the fact that nothing’s going to stop the change and they need to roll with it.

The best way to manage change is by studying the above stages in detail and coming up with ways to skip the stages of denial, anger, bargain and depression. If managed well, managers can easily help their employees skip to the testing and acceptance stage, which will make this implementation of HR technology in Saudi Arabia easier than ever. To further ease the process, select software from MenaITech, a leading provider of HR solutions in the MENA Region.