5 Ways HR Technology in UAE Can Boost Performance ReviewsMenaItech

Performance reviews have gleaned a somewhat unsavory reputation over the years. In fact, employees are prone to respond negatively to any constructive feedback they garner during a performance evaluation. In addition, half of the HR personnel admit that annual performance reviews are not the most infallible proof of an employee’s performance and believe that the assessment process should be re-evaluated for an honest appraisal.

However, the advent of HR Technology in UAE can have a vast impact on enhancing the performance review process and helping the organizations draw on a more precise picture of Employee accomplishments:

  1. Enhanced Focus on Collaboration

State of the art HR Technology in UAE allows employees and managers to collaborate more proficiently during the performance appraisal process. According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, around 90% of the Human resource personnel state that a candid blend of feedbacks for an employee from other prominent employees within an organization as well the employee’s manager, can help in creating a better picture of his overall performance. Most HR technology software help schedule meetings, aid in managing real-time performance, enhance workplace communication, and encourage continuous learning benefits to employees.

  1. Improve Organization

When organizations do not integrate a functional system for streamlining HR processes, performance reviews can be a messy affair. HR Technology in UAE allows managers to monitor employee’s challenges, accomplishments, and goals within a certain context. As soon as an employee completes an assigned task, managers receive a status report to analyze the performance of the employee in real time.

  1. Help Negative Feedback Turn into Productive Ideas

It is a known fact that employees who are concerned with learning don’t fare well upon receiving negative feedback from others, and are reported as dejected and discontented employees. HR technology solutions help organizations look for ways to turn negative feedback into positive feedback. Thus employers learn ways to coach their subjects and tell them what they need to succeed, instead of dwelling on their shortcomings. HR technology software help employers recognize employees who surpass their expectations and enhance collaboration in the workplace, by letting the employer keep track of positive interactions that occurred during employee appraisals.

  1. Foster Open Communication

If an organization needs to work on revamping performance reviews, the first thing it needs to do is nurture a culture of transparent communication between the employee and the employer. With the use of cutting edge HR software, organizations have a better way of conveying their aspirations with the employees, send them constant reminders regarding reviews and goals, and set realistic expectations for them. This helps employees see how their performance objectives align with the overall goals of the organization.

  1. Helps Employees Garner Real-Time Feedback

Timely feedback is extremely vital because it ensures that employees are given feedback when needed so that they can make amends accordingly, instead of after the deed has been done. To allow employees to reach the height of their true potential, it is essential they receive timely feedback from the manager or some other higher authority.