Helping New Employees Settling in Via HRMS Portal in UAEMenaItech

Helping new employees settle in a large organization can be a tedious task. Even the best candidates for the position have to learn about their new job and have yet to mingle and build healthy relationships with their coworkers. Hiring new staff is a time-consuming and expensive process, hence the sooner your employees settle in, the sooner your organization will enjoy the return on investment.

New hires are often confused and look up to their employers and HR professionals to solve problems. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can help new employees. Here’s how an HRMS portal in UAE can provide an excellent foundation for training new hires:

Employee Engagement

HRMS portals that incorporate social forums play an integral role in helping new employees learn about the company’s culture and working style. New hires can engage with other co-workers though HRMS forums, announcements and chat room to discuss problems and work related issues in a professional yet causal manner.

HR professionals can use the HRMS portal to capture what is going inside the mind of the new employee by initiating discussions. Furthermore, employees can use the platform to compare their experiences by answering surveys. HR professionals can use these surveys to highlight areas of improvement for the future. By paying attention to employees’ concerns and reservations, HR professionals help employees feel valued, increasing employee satisfaction.


A mobile HRMS portal allows new hires to view important data and perform basic transactions wherever they go. Additionally, employers can use the platform to upload training courses and clips to handle basic tasks and job requirements. Mobile apps are a comfortable medium for employees, hence by introducing training courses and minute snippets, you can help the new hires adjust to the company culture and environment much quickly. This also provides them necessary resources to solve common work related issues on their own without seeking help from others.


The best HRMS portal in UAE should offer numerous self-service options that increase the employees’ accessibility to important data. Additionally, payrolls and other benefit modules provide new employees an insight on the company’s spending. Increasing visibility and providing transparency give new hires more autonomy to make their own decisions and take action. Quite often, company transparency is linked to the employee’s performance, as workers like to stay in the loop.

These are just a few ways an HRMS portal in UAE can help new employees settle in their new jobs and adjust to the new company culture.