Streamline Your Business Processes With HRMS Portal in UAEMenaItech

A human resource management system is the skeleton of every organization. The employees and other stakeholders of the company make it what it is. Without them, the organization will fall to bits and pieces. Even though we understand the importance of human capital for an organization, the functions of the HR are put on the back burner. So, if you aren’t sold on the idea of how a HRMS portal in UAE can improve your organization, keep reading.


One of the major benefits of installing an HRMS portal in UAE is the system generates reports and presentations you would otherwise have to create manually. The HRMS system will hold all the information in relation to the organization’s human resources, including details about the firm’s hiring practices, such as a complete list of job applications, list of job openings and forms.

All other data related to the HR function will also be available on the portal, such as salary and incentive compensation for each employee, results of annual performance appraisals and reports on any disciplinary actions. The beauty of an HRMS portal is all this information is available on a single platform and gone are the days when you would be rummaging through folders in your file cabinet.

Since these figures can be found in a single database, the HRMS portal can create different reports as needed. For instance, if the employer is looking to hire a new candidate, they can simply run a report of the past employees that have the specific skill set.


An HRMS System in UAE can also simplify the recruitment process for any organization. The application provides a complex interface that can be used by internal employees as well as externally by people who intend to apply for the job. An HRMS system lets job applicants submit their resumes for open positions and provide their contact information from a remote computer or device.

The HR system collects all that data and makes it available to the hiring manager. When filtering through candidates, the hiring manager can perform detailed searches through a range of queries, such as level of education, professional working experience, location and skill set.

Benefits Administration

Any organization can streamline their administrative and human resource functions in regards to employee benefits. The HR system allows current employees and new hires to electronically enroll themselves for benefit plans. Each person is provided with an account that’s protected with a password. The account is accessible from anywhere as long as the person is connected to the internet.

From there, employees are free to update their current coverage, change personal information about themselves and their dependants and also update contact information as required. Since the HR application creates a self-service system, the employee benefits are being administered with as little manpower as possible, which considerably saves time and money for the organization.