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Sunday 03 Jul 2016

How an HRMS Software in Dubai Helps Your Company

When employee is about to leave the company, a vast majority of the administration tasks are handled by the HR. HR professionals are expected to organize exit interviews, check contractual terms, calculate remaining holiday entitlements and company assets reclaimed. Rest assured, an HRMS software in Dubai can successfully streamline time-consuming activities and help HR staff manage employee exists in a more upfront and professional manner. Here’s how:

  • Records Correspondence

HRMS software allows you to securely store notice letters, references and termination agreements into the system without any hassle. All these documents are stored alongside employee contracts. This makes data retrieval easy, plus all the documents can be reviewed easily. HRMS software allows you to confirm if the employees have received and read the information you have sent them. This is made possible through the document tracking functionality.

  • Counsels Employees

Companies are often reluctant to let go of a competent employee. In case such an employee decides to leave their job, you can counsel them to stay back with the help of HRMS software. The interactive methods within an HRMS system can be customized to help employees.

Similarly, the software can also be used when an employee has to be laid off. HR professionals can automate counseling sessions to help employees understand the reasons behind their termination. Furthermore, HR staff can use the platform to guide employees about further employment and career progression.

  • Communicates Termination

Whether an employee decides to leave the job on their own accord or the management thinks they need to be let go of them, HR professionals often dread the subject and try their best to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. Fortunately, with HRMS software in Dubai, communication can be initiated online via an HRMS interface. Additionally, employees can fill out a simple form to explain to the company why they want to leave their jobs, without having to make appointments with the HR staff and managers.

  • Automation of Exit Interviews

HR professionals find it difficult when an employee decides to leave their job or has to be terminated. This is because the exit of an employee leads to a number of formalities that have to be completed. Undoubtedly, the most important formality of all is managing and conducting the exit interviews.

Rest assured, with HRMS software in place, exit forms can be customized in order to suit the company’s needs and can be conducted online. The automation of exit interviews makes it easier for the employees to express their true feelings which they would have been afraid to let out face-to-face. Most importantly, all the important information will be recorded by the system and can be reviewed later. In short, the details of the exit interviews can be accessed at the time of need.

How to Make HRMS Software More Human?

Just because HR requires face-to-face interaction, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace technology. You can find a balance between the two when it’s done right. Here are a few ways to bring back the human in human resources:

  • Make Training More Engaging

While an HRMS Software in Dubai can take care of all your HR related tasks, you still have to train employees yourself. Technology can be used effectively for training purposes, such as micro-learning and gamification, which can help you engage your employees. While technology can have a major impact on the training process, it’s important to make it personal as well. After the training session ends, organizations should offer in-person meetings so the employees can voice their concerns and clarify all confusions with follow-up questions and discussions.

Alternatively, the organization can appoint a mentor for every employee by simply pairing senior employees with new hires. Mentor ship is excellent because it gives the employees a chance to learn from someone who is an expert at what they do. Not only will it help with their career growth but they will retain a lot more of what they are learning.

  • Respond to HR Data

The beauty of an HRMS Software in Dubai is it collects all your HR related data on a platform server which makes it easy to search through all that data. You can then use this information to improve your organization’s human capital.

For example, you can hold surveys to collect suggestions or learn more about the working environment of your company. Then use those results in your next staff meeting and address all concerns. Employees will have an easier time voicing their concerns on a computer screen than in a face-to-face interaction, which makes this technique all the more effective. By the end of it, you will have the most collaborative organizational culture than you could imagine.

  • Keep Everything Transparent

HRMS software will not only help reduce the stress of payroll, scheduling and other tedious HR tasks, but it will also create transparency within the company. Employees will be able to track different aspects of their job role and this level of transparency will also strengthen the employer/employee relationship.

HRMS software in Dubai is equipped with tools that allow HR professionals to communicate their decision to terminate employees. It is time you ease the burden off your HR staff and purchase HRMS software for your company.