Different Functions of a Manpower Application in DubaiMenaItech

Undoubtedly, employees are an organization’s greatest asset. This makes it imperative for businesses all over the world and in Dubai to attract and retain ONLY the best by providing them with great tools and encouragement to make them feel they play an important role in the company’s mission. In order to achieve this success though, businesses must utilize the greatest resources and technologies available for successful employee management.

This is where Manpower Application in Dubai comes in handy – providing greater accessibility between managers and employees, more efficient performance appraisals, and direct portal for solving issues/problems, giving companies the liberty to achieve integral business objectives, without compromising on employee satisfaction and contentment. Look below to understand the different functions of a manpower application and how it helps businesses in Dubai:

Maintains Databases

Manpower Application in Dubai enables business managers and the HR personnel to create and maintain complete, secure, and searchable databases for all current and former employees, which include information like employees’ personal details, record of leaves, emergency contacts, and banking details.

Reduces Paperwork

An efficient manpower application enables employees to approve or audit requests/submissions while also allowing them to submit documents/timesheets and request for time off directly from the portal. This negates the need for HR to submit unnecessary pieces of paper.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Manpower Application in Dubai enables HR personnel to gain access to instant records of number of hours put into work every day and days taken off. Employees also have access to this information, making it possible for them to stay on top of their absenteeism before it becomes a serious issue.

Total Rewards

Some manpower applications even allow managers to provide their employees with rewards (non-financial or financial) for good performance. Employees access their reward statement via the manpower application portal, keeping them driven and motivated at all times.

Expense Management

Manpower Application in Dubai features expense management tools that enable employees to scan and upload receipts onto a database instantaneously. This helps employers, managers, and accountants keep permanent account of all expenses and sales made.


These useful employee management tools even come equipped with payroll systems that efficiently and automatically process employee salaries based on the number of hours they have put in with a single click of a button. This eliminates downtime during payroll processing and enables employees to get their salaries on time, every month.

Asset Management

Manpower Application in Dubai enables managers to monitor and keep track of any equipment that was provided to employees by the organization. This allows for easy asset management, while also making it easier to gauge company’s progress. Since these applications constantly collect and monitor information, they provide detailed and accurate reports of company’s progress, which makes it easier for you to solve problems and streamline business process for better control.

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