Guide to Manpower Management in UAEMenaItech

Manpower management is the utilization of manpower in the pursuit of a particular goal or objective. Manpower control ensures companies make the most efficient and economical use of available manpower. Efficient manpower management results in quicker and better decision making. This considerably reduces paperwork. Manpower Management in UAE is a part of human resource management, which includes utilizing, developing and maintaining resources.

For efficient manpower management, you need to have innate understanding of different communication and work styles. You should also have the ability to identify and communicate with different types of personalities. A manager that is unable to garner the respect of employees runs the risk of putting the organization at jeopardy due to poor attitude and performance.

Make Intelligent Hiring Choices

Manpower Management in UAE starts with smart hiring choices, it is crucial you select the most appropriate and competent talent for the project in question. This means you have to review work credentials, ask for references and follow up with previous employers. It is the duty of the management to conduct in-person interviews to get a better sense of the employer’s knowledge in the field, including their personality and work ethic.

Provide Your Workers Understanding About The Company’s Policies

It is the responsibility of recruiters to orient new workers and provide them an understanding about the company’s products, services and policies. It is crucial you talk one on one with your workers to ensure they have understood their roles, responsibilities, and expectations so they can give their best. It is essential you are clear on repercussions about not following the company’s standards or not performing the work on time as per the company’s policies.

Devise an Organized Action Plan

It is essential you devise an organized action plan for your employees, so that each employee is aware of their individual responsibility for every project. If the workers are operating in teams, designate roles according to the worker’s traits and qualities. This improves Manpower Management in UAE.

Equip Your Works

Make sure your workers are equipped with the required tools and resources which they need to successfully complete their tasks while maintaining a safe working environment.

Evaluate their Performance

Depending on the company’s policies, it is imperative you regularly evaluate your employee’s performance to make sure your goals are being met. If a problem arises, it is your responsibility to address it to your workers so the problem can be solved immediately.

Address Conflicts and Disagreements

Address conflicts and disagreements as soon as they arise. You may conduct a conflict resolution session depending on the intensity of the conflict. Refer to your company’s policy before addressing the issue.