What are the Features of a Manpower Portal in Saudi Arabia?MenaItech

With the times changing and businesses becoming more reliant and dependent on automation of processes, it is only intelligent to keep pace. This means, businesses of all sizes must understand the importance of automating their crucial organizational tasks for better, accurate, and more reliable results. One such automation tool gaining popularity nowadays is Manpower Portal in Saudi Arabia, which is known to improve employee engagement. To understand about what Manpower Portals do, look at these features below:

Cloud Based, Hosted Service

Almost all manpower portal applications utilize a cloud-based, hosted service protocol or in simple words, are available as SaaS. This means, you can access the manpower portal anytime, anywhere (from your tablet, smartphone, or computer regardless if you are on the move, at home or in the office) – while only paying for the features or services you would like using. Not only does this allow for better management of employees, but it also ensures you don’t exceed your HR management expenses.

Multiple Users

One of the best things about Manpower Portals in Saudi Arabia is they allow business owners or HR managers to set up as many users as needed. Once created, you can easily assign them specific permissions to departments and features, along with a range of other tasks. You also have the ability of sharing administrative responsibility between supervisors or managers. Not only does this improve communication between departments and employees, but it also enables sharing of real-time information across your organization.

Contracted Hours

Another useful feature of Manpower Portals in Saudi Arabia is they enable business owners to easily manage and keep track of the contracted hours your staff works. You can simply create a pattern of work (based on time, performance, and target) and apply it to your employees. You also have a comprehensive range of tolls available that enables HR personnel to create “working hours profile” for all your employees. This profile automatically calculates total time worked, days off, sickness absences, etc.

Managers Toolkits

Manpower Portals don’t only prove beneficial for employees, but also make life easier for managers and business owners. There are extensive compliance guides for busy managers, which enable them to safely manage routine issues from retirement to recruitment. Each manager can also check all important documents, keep track of email alerts via red flags appearing in HR diary, and create reminders for important events.

Customization Supported

In a business, it is rather expected for policies, practices, and strategies to change regularly. This is one of the main reasons why businesses look for software that offer customization capabilities. Customization enables HR personnel to easily edit, modify, and update policies, without much hassle.

So, if you want to take your business to the next level, perhaps it’s time you considered investing in a Manpower Portal in Saudi Arabia as well.