Top Features to Look for When Choosing a Payroll Application in DubaiMenaItech

Looking to invest in a payroll application in Dubai? Since payroll is an important part of employee management, leveraging the latest solutions can help your business streamline processes and improve payroll accuracy. Nevertheless, what features should you be looking for to make sure you get value for your money? Below, we have discussed the features you need to look for before buying a payroll application for your business:

Payroll Processing

As the name implies, this feature would automatically calculate the gross pay of your employees based on the hours they have worked, as well as any retirement contributions, deductions for taxes and insurance. It also takes into account any additional pay, bonuses or raises.

Time & Attendance Management 

Since employees will be able to clock in through the system or a manual time clock, tracking the hours worked by an employee is a hassle-free process. Time card data can then be manually entered into the payroll application. This feature also records sick time and vacations. Most payroll systems have time and attendance built in, while others may require integrating with an attendance module.


Reporting functionality – like compensation analysis, deduction analysis, gross-to-net payroll register, and more – is one of the most important features of a payroll application in Dubai. Typically, the software will offer reporting templates, but business can also create reports.

Ability to Integrate With other Systems

Good payroll software should have the ability to integrate with other systems, such as an HRMS or accounting software. Separate modules for time and attendance management as well as benefits management can also be integrated with your payroll application in Dubai.

Benefits Management

This feature can come as a separate module or built-in, depending upon the vendor. Businesses will be able to keep track of benefits offered like vacation/sick, insurance and retirement, among other benefits.

Employee Portal

A self-service employee portal is becoming an increasingly common feature in payroll software nowadays, and for good reason. Employees can access the portal via a mobile app or web browser, regardless of the location, and view – as well as make changes – to current pay stabs. They will also be able to access HR-related data, and their own personal information.