3 Must-Have Features for Small Businesses Choosing Payroll Application in Saudi ArabiaMenaItech

Keeping up with the latest developments in software is never an easy task as it takes a considerable amount of time and effort. However, this short list should just about get you in the know on the 3 latest, must-have features your small business needs to be looking for when choosing payroll application in Saudi Arabia:

  • Employee Self-Service Site

An employee self-service site is one of the most beneficial tools of a payroll application. After all, it allows your employees to access all of their personal payroll data – like paid time off balance, pay stubs, etc.. through a secure web portal from anywhere in the world. Without this feature, your employees will constantly have to bother your HR managers to acquire the information they are looking for.

Fulfilling their requests means taking time away from all the important aspects of your small yet budding business. With an employee self-service site, however, employees can log in and get the information they need without anyone’s assistance, eliminating disruptions!

  • Direct Deposit

If your payroll application in Saudi Arabia does not have direct deposit, it can leave a bad impression on your employees as it indicates that your business is not keeping up with the latest payroll expectations and standards. Without the direct deposit feature, employees will have to take their paychecks to the bank on their own time.

From there onwards, a specific waiting period ensues until the funds are finally made available for their use. Signing and distributing paper checks is not only costly, but also extremely challenging to coordinate, especially if you have offices in multiple locations. With direct deposit, though, all of these inconveniences can be avoided.

  • System Alerts or Notifications

One of the most overlooked features in payroll software, system alerts and notifications can have a substantial impact on both your HR and payroll efforts. Since they provide reminders, you can stay on schedule when it comes to entering your payroll data for the day into the system.

Moreover, having customizations options is useful as well and you will have the ability to choose the alerts you receive. Your payroll application in Saudi Arabia should also allow you to determine who would be receiving these notifications.