Buying Considerations for Payroll Application in Saudi ArabiaMenaItech

There are endless options in the market for HR technology, but before making the investment you need to know exactly what your business needs. Every business operates differently and has different functions, even with regards to payroll. As an HR executive, you need to figure out the needs of your business and then look for available company that will help you fulfill those needs. Here are a few buying considerations for Payroll Application in Saudi Arabia:

Payment Structure

Different payroll applications have different payment structures. Depending on your business needs, you should look for whether the application supports all types of payment structures or not, including salary payments and hourly wage payments.

Cheque Printing and Delivery Options

Companies can pay their employees in one of two ways. Either they can directly deposit the amount in their bank accounts or send them a cheque from the payroll provider. Alternatively, the company could also print the cheques themselves and give it to the employees as needed. Being able to print cheques yourself is a feature you need to look for when purchasing Payroll Application in Saudi Arabia.

Mobile Support

Being able to access payroll through a mobile app will allow HR executives to manage it on the go. This is a convenient feature because it gives them complete freedom to perform payroll related tasks without being tethered to a computer network.

Employee Self-Service Options

Payroll applications should also provide self-service options for employees where they can have access to their paychecks and can manage their schedules and benefits themselves. Having mobile accessibility to this information will give the employees freedom to do it on the go. Such a feature may not be essential for your business processes, but it will definitely cut down the time spent on benefit administration.

Size of Company and Budget

The payroll application you choose should support your company size, while fitting within your budget. There are many companies that provide specific products for companies who manage thousands of employees, but other payroll application providers have specific tools that cater to all small, mid and large size companies. The payroll solution provided by MenaITech is the ideal option for your business in this regard.


If you want your investment to last for a long time, it’s better to invest in a product that can be scaled up and down based on the needs of your business, which you will find with MenaITech’s payroll solution. Businesses, in general, grow with time, while other businesses have seasonal peaks. This is why it’s important to purchase Payroll Application in Saudi Arabia that can be adjusted according to the changing needs of your business.


Applications that are difficult to navigate make for a poor investment. Considering the fact that the current generation is tech-savvy, all applications should allow for smooth implementation. If your tech-savvy workforce is struggling with the application, it’s probably not the best one to invest in. Always request a demo before purchasing payroll applications. To save yourself the hassle, invest in the payroll application from MenaITech.