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Monday 07 Mar 2016

Why You Need Payroll Management in Saudi Arabia

Every small business ownerin Saudi Arabia performs multiple roles for their company, such as operations, management and risk bearing. Another important task in running a business is payroll management. Employees need the assurance they will be paid on a consistent basis without unnecessary delays.Since payroll will affect every aspect of your small business,from financial stability to the morale of employees, its proper management is crucial. Here are a few reasons why you should focus on your business’ Payroll Management in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Reduces Tax Bills

Payroll management needs to be done right to reduce the taxes for a small business in Saudi Arabia. You need to make sure your employees are filling out their tax forms accurately because the information in these forms are used to withhold personal taxes for employees. Business owners also need to ascertain they are withholding the correct amount of relevant taxes each year from payroll. The percentage of these taxes may change yearly, or even mid-yearly.

  1. Boosts Employee Morale

Perhaps the most important aspect of Payroll Management in Saudi Arabia is the profound impact it has on the morale of employees. When it comes to small businesses, employees are better aware of the company’s financial stability as compared to in a larger business. Therefore, if your payroll is late, they will begin to question the financial integrity of your business. If your employees feel their job isn’t secure, they will care less about the tasks assigned to them and start underperforming, which can be disastrous for any business! With payroll handled in a timely manner, however, you can keep employee morale high and turnover low.

  1. Drives Employee Motivation

Last, but definitely not the least, efficient and automated payroll allows employees to feel valued within a company. As you may know already, the total compensation of an employee is built into the payroll, which includes their basic salary, bonuses and benefits. An increase in salary or bonus (or even both) is awarded in accordance with the annual performance evaluations carried out by your supervisors. Benefits like life insurance, health insurance and pensions reflect an employee’s worth within a business. Your employees will feel they have a higher net worth, driving motivation, and ultimately an increase in productivity.

Though Payroll Management in Saudi Arabia is extremely important, it can prove time-consuming. Not only does it need to be performed once or twice a month, but also the information must be accurate so your payroll processes are simplified and streamlined, and you don’t face any issues related to taxes and compliance. If small business owners don’t have the time, they should consider automating the process.