Securing Payroll Management in UAE and Other SystemsMenaItech

The security of your organization’s intangible assets, such as the data related to payroll management in UAE, is important to ensure confidentiality of stakeholders and to protect yourself from cyber criminals.

It’s much easier said than done because it’s almost as if we are living in the digital version of the Wild West, where hacked and stolen devices are becoming common by the minute. For this reason, it’s important that you protect your organization’s data with a little planning and strategy to avoid exposing yourself to security threats, especially when it comes to payroll management in UAE.

Stolen and Compromised Passwords

Cyber crime is on the rise, usually involving a hacker who broke into an apparently impregnable database and successfully gained access to thousands of user passwords. Onthe surface, thismay not sound like a big deal, but an alarming number of people use the same password for all their accounts.

People who are part of the online world absolutely fail at creating passwords, and thus, it’s easy for hackers to be able to guess or crack weak passwords. For instance, if you have an application for payroll management in UAE, you will be required to create accounts for different users within your organization. Even if one password gets leaked, your entire system is in jeopardy. The solution is to advise your staff to use super-strong passwords and never use the same one for all their accounts.

Smartphone Malware

Now that our world revolves around our smartphone and we literally can’t imagine life without it, hackers consider it as billion-dollar industry. Mobile malware is increasingly affecting smartphones and tablets and it attacks your device through malicious apps. This fact is alarming because you could be remotely accessing an application that you use as a business solution for your company, such as a payroll management application. A malware can easily transfer data from your phone to thehacker, making you vulnerable to security threats.

To protect yourself from mobile malware, never download apps from third-party app stores and only stick to legitimate app stores, such as Google Play. Secondly, make sure your device is updated with the latest version. Lastly, whenever you happen to install a new application, make a note of what type of personal and private information the application is asking for. If the app is trying to hook a lot of your data, then it’s best to not install it.

Workplace Worries

Most of your employees are probably using their own devices for work purposes, which is perfectly fine. The only problem is these devices cannot be controlled under the office-powered security system you have in place. As soon as any virus-infected device connects to your server, you immediately become vulnerable to security threats. To prevent this issue, make sure you invest in secure software, especially for payroll management, that protects your server from alien devices.