Key Reasons to Invest in Payroll Portal in DubaiMenaItech

Previously, it was only large organizations and businesses that could consider opting for self-service portals. Fortunately, with the recent advancement in IT and technology, even small business owners take advantage of payroll portals without spending a hefty sum of money. Organizations simply need to find a reliable payroll portal. With the help of payroll technology, employees and HR professionals can all be a part of the company’s payroll service. This not only saves time, but also reduces the need for the company to hire more employees.

Payroll Portal in Dubai eliminates the need for HR professionals to spend hours at their desk going through hundreds of pay stubs every month. Now with the right technology available, there is no need for HR professionals to shuffle paper forms or spend hours organizing documents. Using a payroll portal means no re-keying of data into a computer. Instead all your employees have to do is log in to the employee portal via any web equipped computer or a handheld device and gain direct access to important information. Employees have access to check stubs, past earnings, paid vacation days, insurance benefits, and much more.

Other advantages of Payroll Portal in Dubai include:


Most modern payroll portal activity is controlled by the latest security techniques. Employees, managers, and HR professionals are all assigned a login ID and a password for authorized entry to the portal. All your data is protected from unauthorized access. Once your security is defined, you can have access to your payroll whenever you like in a safe manner.

Increased Productivity

Employees no longer have to spend time filling out forms and waiting on hold for the HR to call them with an explanation about their pay stub. This allows HR professionals and employees to devote their time to more important tasks that may increase productivity. In addition, with payroll portals, employees have real-time access to their details. Payroll portal makes processing easy, displaying results immediately. Increased payroll control makes it easier for HR professionals to correct discrepancies and have access to flexible labor distribution options, efficient paycheck entry and easy administration of pay codes. The HR department no longer has to devote their time to tax enhancement and managing employee benefit programs.

Onscreen Management Reports

With Payroll Portal in Dubai, you have access to all your payroll information at the click of a button. You can manage your payroll efficiently right at your fingertips via a computer or handheld device at any time, from any browser, all with complete security.

An efficient payroll system boosts employee motivation and morale in the long run. This ensures increased productivity that is beneficial for the organization.