Tips on Finding the Best Payroll Portal in UAEMenaItech

Are you looking for ways to speed up the payroll process? If so, using a payroll portal is your best bet. This relatively new, yet effective technology allows for an efficient automated payroll process with flexible administration, without the troubles of incorrect reports, payroll discrepancies, etc. It also has the ability of reducing human error by 9% and speeding up payroll processes by 60%. To understand this better, let’s look at a few tips on how to find the best payroll portal for your business.

Fulfills Your Needs

When it comes to finding the best payroll portal in UAE, it is crucial to understand and assess your needs. Start by listing the things you want from the portal. This could include regular or monthly employee performance reports, delivery or direct deposit of monthly salaries, check printing, and salary calculations for each employee. Some payroll portals come with a time-in/time-out feature, which makes it easier to track employee attendance. Therefore, before beginning your research, list the features you need.

Look At Special Features

The features listed above are among the most basic ones offered by a payroll portal in UAE. You can find payroll portals that offer special features, like integration into your HR software, performance management, and appraisal management, etc. Therefore, do assess the special needs of your business and look for features accordingly. This way, you can make sure you get exactly what you want.


One of the most important aspects of a good payroll portal system is it is easy-to-use and access. However, accessibility doesn’t mean you compromise on safety. When choosing a payroll portal, ask whether or not it comes with employee profile managing features (each employee should have their own unique profile, username/password, to ensure safety and protection of private data between the employee and the HR department).

Consider the Price

Of course, the best services don’t come cheap, but that doesn’t mean you overpay for the basic most features of a payroll portal. Thankfully, you can get the best payroll portal money can buy from MenaITech which includes all the features mentioned above. At the same time, it is affordable as well, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

So, if you want to reduce the hassle of research or don’t have the time to shortlist companies, you can simply contact MenaITech, a professional HR and payroll service provider that offers the best Payroll and HR management solutions in UAE and in the Middle East.