Features to Look for in Payroll Software in DubaiMenaItech

Managing payroll is among the toughest tasks businesses undertake. It can take up a lot of time and a single error could mean doing it again. This is why many companies are now ditching the time-consuming manual payroll process in favor of an effective software application. Payroll software in Dubai can be used to track the payroll for all employees in your organization.However, before you buy payroll software, check for the following features:

Deduction Support

Assessing and calculating deductions are vital payroll functions that cannot be overlooked. Look for a product that allows deductions for deferred compensation plans, union dues, health plans, and other requirements. Bear in mind that if your business has any unique deduction needs, the software must provide support to accommodate extra deduction functions, without incurring any added expenses.

Delivery Mode

Make sure the payroll software in Dubai you choose features SaaS capability and is fully tested for server usability, performance, and deployment. This way, you won’t have to invest in any new hardware to be able to use the software. Also, you can avoid the time it takes to download and install programs, as you can access it directly through the cloud. In simple words, don’t opt for software which isn’t available as SaaS.

Check Printing

This is a basic payroll function every software application should have. However, while this basic function is easy enough to use, it can be extremely difficult to fine-tune. Make sure the payroll software you choose is fully compatible with the forms and printers you plan on using it with. This way, paycheck printing will be a breeze, eliminating costly downtime.

Direct Deposit

Apart from issuing checks, many businesses deposit employee salaries and other payments directly into their bank accounts via direct deposit. This form of paying employees is less hectic and can be completed within a few hours. Even if your business isn’t using this option doesn’t mean you won’t require it in the future. When choosing payroll software, check whether or not it can be used for direct deposit.


Look for a program that provides visibility and insight into the key operations of generating reports. The best applications track hours, holidays, benefits, and other reporting criteria. Good reporting increases the chances of payroll success and can also save you additional expenses which are usually a result of payroll errors.

In many respects, a payroll software application is only as good as its vendor. To ensure you get the best payroll system, contactMenaITech. They offer the best HR and payroll management solutions in the MENA Region.