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Monday 19 Sep 2016

Things You Should Do Before Using Payroll Software in Qatar

Changing the way you manage your payroll can be intimidating. How will you transfer all your payroll information? What information would you need to set up your payroll? There are so many questions that you need to ask yourself, but let’s face it – you have a business to take care of! Using payroll software in Qatar can ease your payroll pains, and here is how you should prepare yourself to use payroll software:

  • Make Sure the Payroll Software Suits Your Needs

First, you need to make sure the payroll software actually suits your needs. For this, you should determine what exactly you want the software to do, and compare it against the software’ you are interested in to determine which one would work for you. Your payroll software should include the following features:

      • Form printing
      • Attendance and time tracking
      • Payroll deposits
      • Employee access
      • Mobile compatibility
  • Gather Employee Information

Once you have implemented your payroll software in Qatar, you will need to provide information about all your staff. You are going to need the following pieces of information from each one of your employees:

      • Salary deductions
      • Legal name
      • Address
      • Social security number
  • Round Up Information About Your Business

When you start using your payroll software, you will be required to enter some information about your business, such as its legal name and address. Make sure your business’ name is registered with the Commercial Registration and Licenses Department.

  • Select a Pay Period

A pay period refers to how frequently you will be paying your employees, whether on a weekly or monthly basis. While you are most likely to continue using the same period, some businesses do change pay periods regularly, and in this scenario, it is extremely important that your employees are properly compensated.

  • Collect Previous Payroll Records

If you are a new employer, it is obvious that you will not have previous payroll records, as you would be running payroll for the first time. However, if you have been an employer for quite some time and are making the switch to payroll software in Qatar, you may be required to enter previously run payroll records. By doing so, the software will be able to accurately determine pay as well as make deductions from the wages of your employees.

  • Establish Employee Wages

Of course, you will have to determine how much you will pay your employees and provide the payroll software with that information. For each individual employee, you will have to establish either a salary or hourly rate of pay. Moreover, you need to identify which employees are exempt or nonexempt from overtime pay. You would also want to indicate any sick time or paid vacation in your payroll software.

How Does Cloud Payroll Benefit Your Company?

One of the most important departments in any company is Human Resources. Employees make the foundation of your company, and it only makes sense you are acquiring and managing the right talent. Within the human resource department payroll is one of its important functions. On the surface, payroll seems pretty straight forward, but when we start calculating absences, sick leaves and other administration of benefits, it starts becoming complicated.

Cloud technology expedites payroll processing because it stores programs and data on a remote system that can be accessed from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. Its ease of access and use is what makes cloud payroll in Qatar so beneficial.

  • Quick and Easy to Obtain

Businesses won’t have to keep a team of IT professionals dedicated to maintaining or supporting the software because it is on the cloud. It’s absolutely easy to implements there is no installation required. Everything you need to know, including all data and functionality, is accessible when you login. The cloud payroll is accessible from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. Since everything exists on the cloud you won’t have to worry about keeping your data safe from damage.

Businesses save resources with the implementation of cloud technology. They don’t have to deal with IT related problems that may occur with maintaining, upgrading or adding security to software applications. The cloud provider is essentially responsible for all of these factors. Also, all payroll related data will be readily available for access on any device from anywhere.

  • Payroll is Always On

Cloud payroll in Qatarsignificantly streamlines your processes, whether you are calculating tax information, processing timesheets, or applying retirement funds for issuing payments. Also, all this data is available in real time. No matter when and where you are working from, the data will be readily available for your use. This makes it perfect when you are on-the-go, such as at a conference, out for lunch or taking a day off. Since you are constantly connected, there is no way you can miss any deadlines.

Cloud payroll in Qataralso improves collaboration among the payroll department. Everyone who works on the different aspects of payroll has access to the same data with live information. Also, cloud payroll isn’t limited to the size of your business. You can scale up or down as per your needs, which is a major benefit.

Lastly, cloud payroll is secure. All your data is guarded against losses and since everything is on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about backup schedules, aging equipment or IT staff. Everything issecurely backed up in the cloud without any assistance needed.