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Tuesday 07 Jun 2016

Tips to Make the Most of Your Payroll System in Egypt

If your business has a payroll system in place, and you are still doing any part of your payroll management manually, it’s likely that you are not making the most of the advances and features your payroll system in Egypt has to offer. In order to help you take full advantage of your payroll system, here are some tips to increase accuracy and efficiency:

  • Payroll Systems Do Business Reports

With a payroll system in Egypt, businesses can generate electronic payroll reports that can easily be exported to QuickBooks, Excel or PDF formats. This saves you the time and hassle of finding and saving paper files. Not to mention, since all your reports will be automatically organized for future use, you can quickly use them to find out payroll details, journal details, deposit requirements, employee training total, payroll taxes, and journal summary as well as tax liability.

  • Payroll Systems Calculate Taxes Automatically

Net pay and taxes all can be automatically calculated through payroll systems in Egypt. The most tedious and time-consuming of calculations can easily be calculated with pinpoint accuracy. However, for this purpose, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your payroll system provider stands behind its calculations and guarantees to significantly reduce your payroll workflow.

  • Payroll Systems Can Handle Deductions

Every business is unique, and so are the operations involved in running it. Hence, it’s only natural that your deductions will be different from other businesses. However, with a good payroll system in place, you will be able to customize your deductions and calculate them automatically based on your requirements.

  • Payroll Systems Come With Technical Support

A payroll system also comes with the backing of the provider as well as the platform itself. This means you have a technical support team at your disposal on call, which you can outsource some of your work to. So, remember to use their services. After all, they are available for free, and that’s the best price you could possibly get.

  • Payroll Systems Allow You to Print Checks

Good payroll systems also give businesses the option to get pre-printed checks. But you can also print your own checks if required. Most payroll systems providers offer businesses with both the aforementioned options.

That’s about it! If you follow the tips we have discussed above to the letter, rest assured you will be able to make the most of our payroll system in Egypt, and utilize it effectively enough to benefit your business.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Payroll System

Running a business isn’t always as easy and glamorous as most people perceive it to be. And many realize this fact only after they start pursuing their dreams of business ownership. This is mainly because several aspects of running a business can be rather daunting, especially if they are outside your comfort zone.

Payroll management is one great example. Unless you have extensive experience in payroll and are passionate about it, running your business’ payroll can prove time-consuming, intimidating and stressful. With a payroll system in Egypt, however, businesses can streamline the payroll process and minimize the risk of fines and penalties.

In order to ensure your business receives the benefits of a payroll system, it’s imperative you choose the right payroll system provider. Remember, not all providers are the same, so you must take some key factors into consideration to choose the right one:

  • Cost

Most businesses often choose a payroll system provider based on cost. But the thing with a payroll system in Egypt is that once you get your monthly invoice, the amount you owe the provider can end up being considerably higher than what you expected to pay. You may be wondering, “Why is that the case?”

Hidden fees are slowly becoming a norm in this industry, but fortunately not all providers follow the trend. Therefore, look for payroll service providers with a pricing structure that is completely transparent. This will allow you to ascertain that you are being charged according to the number of employees you have, and the services you selected.

  • Convenience

With a payroll system in Egypt, payroll processing becomes smooth and hassle-free. Most good payroll systems also offer the convenience of managing payroll from your laptop and mobile device anywhere, anytime. If you were to handle payroll tasks manually, not only would it take a considerable amount of time, but also require you to remain confined to your office space.

Therefore, having the technology and features to be able to manage payroll from anywhere within minutes is an important consideration that business owners need to make when choosing a payroll system provider.

  • Set-Up

Switching from a paper-based system to a more advanced paperless payroll system shouldn’t require time-consuming training sessions or an extensive learning curve. The transition must be easy, quick and seamless and this can only be made possible when the software is intuitive, straightforward and simple to use.

  • Integration

Lastly, you might want to avoid payroll system providers that are unable to integrate their software with other accounting and human resources systems. When your payroll system has the ability to integrate with other software platforms, you enjoy more control, greater flexibility and ultimately better results. So, when looking for a payroll system provider that suits your business, integration is another factor you need to consider.