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Before discussing the types of payroll systems, it is important to understand what payroll systems are. They are systems businesses use to make the process of handling payments to their employees easier. Now, this is not just about payments. Many advanced payroll systems, like the Payroll System in Saudi Arabia provided by MenaITech, offer numerous features, such as employment histories, employee profiles, salary details, leave reports, complaints against employees, hours worked, gratuity calculation, and employee handbook.

Additional features include important reminders. On a Payroll System in Saudi Arabia, there is a world of its own simply to benefit the employees and employers to the fullest extent.  Without the help of payroll systems, businesses would be vulnerable as there would be no solid paper trail and there would be feuds between the employers and employees.

Types of Payroll Systems

In-House Payroll Systems

In-house payroll systems are for small businesses that employ no more than 10 or 12 people. These businesses may have flexible working hours. There are a few downsides to this type of payroll systemone of which is that the employee responsible for the payroll system must stay active at all times to keep an eye on complaints, as well as the hours that other employees log in. This system also leaves the business vulnerable to security hacks.


This type of system requires businesses to outsource work to a qualified accountant. The accountantthen maintains a record of all financials, makes payroll slips, and keeps up with the tax issues. It is important to ensure that the accountant is an expert in all the services you are looking for and also is flexible when it comes to time and is capable of making quick changes when the need presents itself. When you outsource, you are responsible for accurate deposits as well as payments

Online Payroll

There are online payroll systems available that allow you to monitor the payroll at all hours of the day with the aid of a secure web browser. This prevents you from purchasing extra equipment and software. All you have to do is update the information from any desktop. You can easily sign up for quick updates and this makes the whole process of payroll much easier, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

To conclude, it is essential to have payroll systems in place while running a business, like the Payroll System in Saudi Arabia offered by MenaITech which you can use online and eliminate the hassle of in-house and accounting payroll systems.