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Sunday 15 May 2016

The Purpose of Portal HR in Dubai

It is important to first understand what HR portals are and the role they play for businesses. HR portals are a self-serving system where employees can access Human Resources related information, such as employee handbooks, safety manuals, forms, policies as well as benefit summaries. They can also add information and make changes as necessary, reducing their reliance on HR for the most basic tasks.

The Role It Plays

It is essential to understand the roles a Portal HR in Dubai plays. The HR portal does far more than just delivering HR-related information to the employees. They are essential for providing many HR services as well as for keeping employees engaged. If the portals are used effectively, they enable Human Resources to be far more productive as well as strategic when it comes to making the best use of limited resources.

A Single Destination

The self-serving Portal HR in Dubai designed by MenaITech is a three in one solution, in that it can be used for basic HR purposes and payroll, but at the same time allows employees to access their information and even add data where necessary, such as days taken off work, etc.

The Needs

If a business invests in a Portal HR in Dubai, there would be fewer calls from employees to the HR and there would be more satisfied employees as they have access to all the information as well as services at their fingertips. This helps reduce the cost of service delivery and also greatly improves employee productivity. The company’s first and foremost priority should be to meet the employee’s needs as that is what drives employees to succeed.

No longer do employees have to ask the HR personnel to make changes to their payslips or attendance information. Generally, the process is tedious, as first, the employee has to fill in a form which he/she hands over to HR. Then, someone from HR has to input that information into the system. In simple words, it’s inconvenient.

How a Portal HR in Dubai Can Enhance Operational Efficiency

It is essential to understand the roles HR portals play. Portal HR in Dubai does far more than just delivering HR-related information to employees. The HR department will use the portal to share information with employees and manage their performance, from the number of hours, worked to payroll, which means it is a complete solution that addresses all the HR needs of a business.

In addition, employees and management can access the portal to view pertinent data as well. Generally, HR matters are left to the HR with employees only being involved when it comes to dealing with individual issues. With a self-serving portal HR, you can facilitate your employees in handling the matters on their own and without involving HR personnel, though of course, you will be able to oversee the actions they take when using the portal.

Needless to say, it can enhance efficiency as well as facilitate communication between the HR and employees. Firstly, HR is relieved of the burden of manually entering data. The employees can input any information necessary on the portal. This frees up the HR’s time, as they no longer have to enter data which they would receive in the form of a form, which the employee fills up by hand. This means you can reduce the use of paper as well.

With more free time on their hands, the HR department can focus on the core aspects of the business and perform more important tasks, such as evaluating policies and recruiting the best talent. Not to mention, employee management becomes easier when you invest in the self-serving Portal HR in Dubai offered by MenaITech, MenaME.

Because the portal has been designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the average employee, it is incredibly easy to use as well. You don’t have to spend any time or effort training employees to use MenaME, which means no time spent away from work. As you would know, downtime is something your business cannot afford, and there is no downtime when you invest in a self-service HR portal.

A Portal HR in Dubai offers access to Human Resources related information, such as employee handbooks, safety manuals, forms, policies as well as benefit summaries. It provides important reminders, employee profiles, company details, as well as complaints against the employees.

So, to conclude, HR portals are beneficial as they help make things easier for HR in terms of managing employees without having to sacrifice quality, credibility and publishing frequency. This lessens the need to rely on manual practices, which are prone to errors and take time. The HR portal provided by MenaITech is the best option for businesses in the UAE, as it not only helps with HR and payroll but allows a self-service feature for employees as well.