Why Train Employees Prior to Implementation of Portal HR in UAEMenaItech

As technology is revolutionizing, it is imperative your organization is equipped with the correct tools and resources to efficiently manage tasks. An efficient Portal HR in UAE provides HR professionals with the necessary tools to perform their jobs much easier. HR portal tailors content according to the needs of the organization. It serves as a single platform that allows employees access to information regarding transactions and other crucial matters. However, the implementation of a portal HR may seem like a daunting task at first.

Organizations must ensure they have a dedicated team of employees on board who are focused in order to take complete advantage of the new system. Implementing the system too quickly without informing the employees may be problematic. Here are a few reasons why you should train employees prior to launching the new Portal HR in UAE:

  • Increases Acceptance

To maximize your investment, it is crucial your employees are trained in advance and have a thorough knowledge of the system. Employees may be intimidated by the system and reluctant to let go of all their knowledge about the previous business procedures. Change management can seem like a challenging task, hence train your HR professionals and employees prior to the launch to increase familiarity.

This creates a positive atmosphere, giving employees the chance to ask important questions and highlight problems before the portal is installed. Additionally, training helps employees understand their roles and the function of the new portal before it is installed.

  • Minimizes Operational Disruptions

You cannot let implementation hinder business operations in your organizations. To prevent employees from getting distracted by the new portal, initiate prior training sessions. Remember, you will most likely have to put a stop to data entry for a few days before the launch; hence all activities must be accelerated soon afterwards. Training employees and managers in advance helps them become aware of their responsibilities and empowers them to perform their jobs immediately after the launch.

Since employees and managers are often busy with office tasks, consider offering a variety of training options so the user may select one according to their needs and convenience. Offer training guides or consider starting online training sessions. The sessions can be recorded and later distributed among employees who could use some extra help. This effectively minimizes operational business disruptions.

  • Transfer of Knowledge

Consider hiring a consultant to provide the organization with expert advice regarding the implementation process. A consultant will provide your team with both formal and informal knowledge that will help them manage their daily tasks without becoming intimidated by the new portal. This will help them cope with the new system in no time.

Implementing Portal HR in UAE is an exciting development for a business but for improved results, ensure your employees, HR professionals and managers receive prior training to maximize your investment.

Enhancing Employee Induction by Using Portal HR

As IT is constantly evolving, the internet has modified the way businesses operate, helping companies gain knowledge and take advantage of resources that efficiently help them manage their tasks. Portal HR in UAE provides HR professionals with tools and resources to do their jobs more efficiently. HR portal is a single online destination that meets the HR needs of each and every employee.

The portal offers solutions and information that is relevant to each individual. The portal offers integrated search-ability, allowing easy access to employees regarding all transactions from HR applicants through a single sign-up. Here’s how you can utilize your HR portal more efficiently:

  • Induction Packs

Putting induction packs on your Portal HR in UAE allows new employees to easily check details they may not have fully taken in previously. In addition, it will serve as a handy reminder about the basics of everything which they may have forgotten over time.

  • Policies and Procedures

Use your HR portal as a one-stop-shop for important company documents that are open to the public domain. This will allow people to have access to employment-related information easily. This will cut down on the number of questions your HR professionals have to deal with on a daily basis. Make sure you post important policies and procedures, especially regarding discipline and punctuality.

Other policies which you might include in your portal can cover topics such as policies regarding social media, on-floor discipline, and dress code at work. If there are documents which you only want your employees to have access to, you can see if your portal has security settings that allow controlled access.

  • Internal Vacancies

Take advantage of your HR portal and post internal vacancies. This will help existing employees charge in a new direction. You may discover that your employees have skills which you previously were not aware of. For best results, allow your employees to share information about vacancies with their own personal networks. Many companies around the globe opt for a ‘recommend a friend’ scheme that offers employees a small financial reward if they bring new talent to the company.

  • Offer Latest News

Keep everybody up to date with the latest news. In addition to sharing HR-related news, you can also share details about staff awards, new appointments and other positive changes that might be taking place in your company. Do not restrict yourself to solely HR and be sure to encourage your employees to use the portal regularly.

A Portal HR in UAE can help your company stay ahead of competitors and expand and prosper.