Questions to Ask before Switching to SaaS HR in DubaiMenaItech

It’s no surprise that HR organizations are rethinking their operation. Most companies are either planning to transform, or are actually transforming how they handle HR operations and functions. Driving this change is the desire to cut expenses, followed by achieving greater efficiency. Since switching to SaaS HR in Dubai is a major investment, here are a few questions you should be asking before putting a foot forward:

  1. How Much Customization Is Possible With SaaS HR?

While SaaS HR in Dubai might provide a level of customization services, they are often restricted to high-end changes, such as reorganizing some elements on the user screens or tweaking field results. Most end users are telling IT what they want and asking them to work it in, but they would have to approach SaaS differently. To put it in a nutshell, SaaS HR requires an open mindset, and flexibility at the customer end, compared to when companies operate on premise applications.

  1. What Measures Are Taken To Ensure That The Sensitive HR Data Is Secure From Unauthorized Access?

HR organizations are resorting to performing their own security evaluation of service providers. They want to ensure that risk management receives the highest priority, and that the service vendor has incorporated strong security policies, including physical security. One key concern is whether the cloud is in compliance with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16, which grafts industry-accepted controls for service organizations. Since Analysts assert that data encryption should be employed to safeguard confidential information as it transmits across networks, HR organizations must be acquainted with all the password policies and access controls, when important information is in the cloud environment.

However, selecting a cloud provider with comprehensive security expertise may prove to be beneficial. When choosing a vendor, compare their answers to how your own company stacks up in security matters. Except for organizations in highly regulated industries, such as banking or healthcare sector, security in cloud organizations would step up a notch.

  1. How Do You Guarantee Business Continuity To Ensure That Applications And Data Are Always Available?

Even the best data centers can fall prey to bad things! SaaS HR providers should incorporate redundant systems to keep the operations running smoothly, even if a major catastrophe strikes the physical location or some components fail. A disaster recovery and business continuity plan should be in order. Analysts assert the need to get your potential service provider to highlight these strategies for you.

In addition, industry criteria to consider include the recovery point objectives (RPO), and recovery time objectives (RTO). The RPO gauges the time when the recovery will take place, while RTO determines how quickly regular operation can resume. You can ask questions, such as whether data will be available until the last system backup, after a failure occurs.

Indeed, SaaS HR in Dubai has come to stay as more and more organizations are now catching on. Since switching to SaaS HR is a major investment, you can contact MenaITech for more information.