Important Questions to Ask Before Installing SaaS HR in Saudi ArabiaMenaItech

One of the latest technological additions and innovations entering the business management segment is SaaS HR in Saudi Arabia. This software (accessible from anywhere at any time) offers businesses the ability to optimize their business operations by reducing errors in payroll, promoting higher productivity, and granting easier access to data for managers.

This software also tends to be user-friendly, affordable and easy to control. However, since much of the success of the HR automation depends on the software you choose, it is imperative you do your research. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few questions to ask from your provider before installing SaaS HR in Saudi Arabia.

  • How Much Customization is Possible?

SaaS providers often work hard in keeping their margins higher and costs lower by tailoring the software to each business’ needs. This proves beneficial for businesses, as they only pay for the services they use. However, more than services, companies should be concerned with the customization options offered by the software. The most common of course include employee time management, benefits portal, project management, etc.

  • What Measures Do You Take To Assure Sensitive HR Data?

The second most important question to ask from any SaaS provider is regarding how strict their data protocols are. Since you will be sending and receiving information in real-time, huge downtime can be experienced in circumstances of a virus entering the system or someone breaking the encryption and deleting all files. Ask the provider regarding what additional safety protocols they use for keeping HR data safe at all times.

  • How Do You Assure Business Continuity To Keep Data?

It’s only wise to expect the worse in every scenario and where money and business are concerned – nobody likes experiencing costly downtimes. So, before reaching a final decision, ask the provider regarding how they assure business continuity in circumstances of internal issues. Bad things can always happen to data centers and SaaS HR providers should have the relevant systems and protocols in place to keep the service running even if a major disaster strikes or if components fail.

One of the biggest productivity and output killers in Saudi Arabia are “sickness absences”. It is because of this reason your system should at a minimum enable the HR personnel in your organization to effortlessly report, benchmark, calculate, track, and record holiday and sickness absences. It should quickly highlight when and why an employee missed a workday (for whatever reason), so you can take corrective action when preparing the monthly pay slip. So, ask whether your provider offers attendance management features.

However, if you cannot find a suitable HR software application or make a trustworthy bond with a separate provider, you can simply contact MenaITech – a company that offers the best HR management solutions in the MENA Region.