Questions to Ask about SaaS HR in UAEMenaItech

SaaS is rapidly making waves in the world of HR technology as more companies are opting for cloud-based HR solutions. The unique service allows professionals to access company information online, regardless of geographical boundaries. SaaS HR instantaneously reduces the need for upfront investment associated with on-premises solutions. However, with so many vendors in the market, selecting the right SaaS HR system can be daunting. Here are a few questions you should ask before purchasing SaaS HR in UAE:

How Safe Is My Data?

With an on-premises system, you can rest assured all your office data is safe inside the system. With a cloud based system, you never really know. Ask the vendor where the datacenter is located and about the uptime and access details.

Additionally, it is worth asking about how many other providers are sharing the same ‘data chain.’ Your vendor might be purchasing PaaS (Platform as a service) capabilities from another provider. Ensure the vendor is up to date on its security and has the required security certificates. Most top-notch vendors have specific policies for security. Make sure you go through them carefully before making a decision.

How Will The System Be Updated?

One of the many advantages of SaaS HR in UAE is there is minimal fuss when it comes to upgrades. Most on-premises systems take months to upgrade new features and require you to spend a significant amount of time and money. On the other hand, cloud based HR systems can be updated according to your convenience and scheduled during regular window maintenance processes to save time. It is imperative you know how these upgrades will take shape and who will ensure the process runs seamlessly. Ask the vendor the role your IT department will play.

How Will The Fees Be Managed?

While a cloud based HR system means there will be no upfront expenses, you will have to talk to the vendor about other expenses. Ask your vendor how these fees will be managed and whether you will have to pay extra for training.

How Do We Make Preparations?

The transition from your traditional system to a cloud based one may seem daunting for your managers as they will no longer have internal control over the system. For this reason, the HR staff may have to introduce some new policies before opting for SaaS. The finance and IT department, on the other hand, will be thrilled and will welcome the new change because of reduced financial and maintenance burden.

However, the same cannot be said about the rest of your employees hence ask the vendor how scalable the system is, in order to prepare for the move to cloud.

Ask your vendor the abovementioned questions before purchasing SaaS HR in UAE for your company.